Philipp Plein has had an interesting start.  While studying law in Germany, he began to design furniture, and soon caught the attention of interior designers.  In 1998, his company was founded, of which he focused on interiors, and in 2004, the fashion brand was born, consisting of clothing and accessories.

These heels, uniquely called “Feed Me“, flaunt the namesake’s signature aesthetic: Bold, sexy, and very rock’n’roll.  Style them with faded black skinny jeans, a t-shirt and blazer for a refined punk-rocker look, à la Kate Moss or Angelina Jolie‎.

 Philipp Plein 'Feed Me' pumps, $1,371.63

Philipp Plein ‘Feed Me’ pumps, $1,371.63

PHILIPP PLEIN 'Feed Me' pumps

PHILIPP PLEIN 'Feed Me' pumps


What are your thoughts on these heels?  Would you wear them?



Studs, spikes, and leather are becoming a mainstay in fashion, and also complements any outfit with their edgy appeal.  One of my favorite ways to incorporate them into my wardrobe is in my shoes.  Check out these amazing Louboutin boots, aptly titled “Guerilla 120” studded leather boots.

Guerilla 120 Louboutin

Guerilla 120, $1,995, Christian Louboutin via Net-a-Porter

guerilla 120 louboutin2What do you think of these red-bottomed boots?  Would you wear them, or are they too edgy for your style?

NYC Street Style

As the autumn season begins, it is so interesting to see the street styles change.  The past week or so, I went around the Meatpacking District and East Village, and photographed some of NYC’s most fashionable females.  Some of the most popular trends I noticed were denim cut-offs, studs and lots of leather.

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What’s Trending: Studs and Spikes

Lately, studs and spikes have been everywhere on apparel and accessories, from the runway to the streets.  What’s more, they’re so easy to decorate your wardrobe with.  I recently bought some pyramid studs, and so far have studded a pair of shoes, the back of a pair of shorts, and the lapels of my favorite pink blazer.  I’m dreaming of the endless possibilities, and have been searching for more inspiration throughout the web.  Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Denim and studs are a perfect match.  Buy it here.

I love the how the studs give an edginess to a simple pair of white sneakers.  You can find ’em here.

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