Studs, spikes, and leather are becoming a mainstay in fashion, and also complements any outfit with their edgy appeal.  One of my favorite ways to incorporate them into my wardrobe is in my shoes.  Check out these amazing Louboutin boots, aptly titled “Guerilla 120” studded leather boots.

Guerilla 120 Louboutin

Guerilla 120, $1,995, Christian Louboutin via Net-a-Porter

guerilla 120 louboutin2What do you think of these red-bottomed boots?  Would you wear them, or are they too edgy for your style?

Great Deals: Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Litas & Pixie Market Jacket

Hello everyone & hope you’re having an amazing Tuesday.  I wanted to let you all know- I’m selling a pair of brand new Size 7 Denim Spiked Litas (sold out everywhere) on my Ebay store for the very low starting price of $130 (or you can buy ’em right away for $170), which includes free shipping!

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spikes, starting at $130

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spikes, starting at $130

Additionally, I’m selling this amazing sold out Pixie Market Jacket for the starting price of $40 (or buy it now for $55), also free shipping!  I bought it for about $70 plus shipping, and its now sold out from their website.  One size fits all.  It’s an awesome statement jacket, and I love how it reminds me of Lisa Frank.

Pixie Market Bomber Jacket, starting at $40

Pixie Market Bomber Jacket, starting at $40

Pixie Market Bomber Jacket, starting at $40

Pixie Market Bomber Jacket, starting at $40

Simply click on the picture of each to be directed to the posting.

Hope you all enjoy the great deals!

xo Sophia Louise

What’s Trending: Studs and Spikes

Lately, studs and spikes have been everywhere on apparel and accessories, from the runway to the streets.  What’s more, they’re so easy to decorate your wardrobe with.  I recently bought some pyramid studs, and so far have studded a pair of shoes, the back of a pair of shorts, and the lapels of my favorite pink blazer.  I’m dreaming of the endless possibilities, and have been searching for more inspiration throughout the web.  Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Denim and studs are a perfect match.  Buy it here.

I love the how the studs give an edginess to a simple pair of white sneakers.  You can find ’em here.

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