What’s Trending: Graphic Print Leggings

Graphic print leggings, from galaxy prints to inverted crosses, are the hottest new thing, and are perfect for the autumn.  Black Milk has been the leader in unique and quirky prints, such as stained glass, day of the dead, and skeleton bones.

Black Milk Leggings

However, at $75, it can become a expensive addition to your wardrobe.  Therefore, I’ve been searching the web for kick-ass leggings that won’t be so harsh on your wallet.

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What’s Trending: Studs and Spikes

Lately, studs and spikes have been everywhere on apparel and accessories, from the runway to the streets.  What’s more, they’re so easy to decorate your wardrobe with.  I recently bought some pyramid studs, and so far have studded a pair of shoes, the back of a pair of shorts, and the lapels of my favorite pink blazer.  I’m dreaming of the endless possibilities, and have been searching for more inspiration throughout the web.  Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Denim and studs are a perfect match.  Buy it here.

I love the how the studs give an edginess to a simple pair of white sneakers.  You can find ’em here.

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