SHOE PORN THURSDAY: Gianmarco Lorenzi

After perusing the fashion archives on Pinterest the other night until I dreamt myself into a shoe porn-induced slumber, I wondered why I had never embraced Gianmarco Lorenzi‘s heels before.  Without dwelling on the past, I quickly became acquainted with the Italian shoes, and haven’t looked back since.  My favorite pair of the moment is this edgy caged-heel patent-leather sandal in black and white.

Gianmarco Lorenzi Patent-Leather Sandals with Caged Heel, $742

gianmarco lorenziWhat do you think of these heels?


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Ultimate Fashion Bloggers Reveal Their Secret Tips

Fashion Union, a shopping destination for chic apparel and accessories, recently approached me with a couple questions about blogging.  With questions on topics from designing a website to finding inspiration, the answers bloggers gave are very helpful to fashion bloggers that are not only starting out, but also to many who have been at it for years.  Read on for answers, and be sure to check out the fantastic blogs featured!

sophie geisenhoffWhat tips do you find to be most helpful?  Also, if you have any other questions to add, feel free to send me a message or post a comment!





Burberry Prorsum‘s Fall/Winter 2014-15‘s collection of artwork-inspired prints are absolutely gorgeous and a refreshing turn from their signature check print.  The designs are drawn freehand on leather, cashmere, and, of course, their signature trench coats.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.16.37 PM

While the coats and bags are certainly statement pieces, I was most drawn to their collection of watercolor-inspired heels.  These are definitely a classic statement piece.  With many different shades and colors incorporated into the designs, they can easily dress up a basic colored dress, or be paired with a trenchcoat for a retro-inspired look.  Check out the beauties below!

Burberry Hand-Painted Leather Ankle Boots in Stone Red, $1,695

I think it may be impossible to choose a favorite…

Burberry Leather Ankle Boots in Stone Brown, $1,695

Burberry Leather Ankle Boots in Stone Brown, $1,695

What I wouldn’t give to have these with a matching trench or poncho…

Burberry Leather Ankle Boots in Stone Blue, $1,695

Burberry Leather Ankle Boots in Stone Blue, $1,695

What do you think of these leather boots by Burberry?  Which color is your favorite- Stone Blue, Red, or Brown?

What’s Trending: The Most Flattering Color For This Fall

nude color fashion trend

From champagne pinks to stone beige to pale shimmering cream, nude colors are becoming the new sophisticated color for both day and night.  They look amazing when paired with icy pastels and classic neutrals, like black, grey, brown, and navy blue.

runway 2015 nude fashion trend

As a general rule: Lighter-skin ladies look best in cool tones with pink and silver undertones, while darker-skin tones should opt for warm tones, with yellow and gold undertones.  Try holding up different colors to your skin in bright lighting in case you are not sure which tones look best with your skin tone.

Check out the top picks highlighting this classic fashion trend below.

For Love & Lemons Antigua Mini Dress, $224

For Love & Lemons Antigua Mini Dress, $224

Marc by Marc Jacobs Marchive Tote, $349

Marc by Marc Jacobs Marchive Tote, $349

Nicholas Ponte Flare Skirt, $240

Nicholas Ponte Flare Skirt, $240

Loeffler Randall Paz Sandal with Calf Fur, $150

Loeffler Randall Paz Sandal with Calf Fur, $150

For Love & Lemons Balmy Nights Crop Top, $127

For Love & Lemons Balmy Nights Crop Top, $127

Marie Turnor Lunch Clutch, $217

Marie Turnor Lunch Clutch, $217

nude fashion

MLV Mara Argyle Crop Top, $195

 What do you think of the nude fashion trend?

SHOE PORN THURSDAY: Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia has a never-ending array of the most creative shoes.  Recently, I came across these adorable panda bear heels, with a panda’s face on the toe and bamboo decorating the sides and back of the shoe.  Although they are eclectic heels, they would be absolutely perfect with a LBD or a jumpsuit.  Check ‘em out below!

charlotte olympia

Charlotte Olympia, $965

front back

What do you think of these heels?  Would you wear them?

Weekend Wardrobe: The Ultimate Stylish Travel Packing List

Travel on My Mind


Traveling and fashion go hand in hand, so why is it so difficult for even the most experienced world travelers to find the perfect traveling outfit and accessories?  Throughout my experiences (good, bad, and forgetful), I’ve found the perfect essentials and tips to make traveling in style that much easier.  Enjoy!


White + Warren Classic Cashmere Two Way Topper, $275

White + Warren Classic Cashmere Two Way Topper, $275

Absolutely perfect to throw on for the chilly plane air.


Eddie Harrop The Voyager studded textured-leather weekend bag, $1,205

Eddie Harrop The Voyager studded textured-leather weekend bag, $1,205

This black leather weekend bag is perfect to carry-on your essentials, as well as a change of clothes in case you are going far.  Sometimes changing into a new outfit over your layover can feel like the next best thing to a shower.


Diane Von Furstenberg Silk Jersey Maxi Wrap Dress, $575

Diane Von Furstenberg Silk Jersey Maxi Wrap Dress, $575

Any one of DVF’s wrap dresses are ideal for traveling, as they are comfortable and easy to throw on.  I love the maxi dresses, as you can hide a pair of tights underneath (in case you are always freezing like myself), as well as throw on a pair of flats underneath and for all anyone will be able to tell, you could be rocking sky high stilettos.  As a bonus, wrap dresses are versatile enough to look great over a swimsuit on your way to the pool or beach, as well as for the day and night.


Stella McCartney Cat's-Eye Sunglasses, $300

Stella McCartney Cat’s-Eye Sunglasses, $300

These bring me back to a time when travel was absolutely glamorous…not just LuluLemon and a pair of birks on the plane.


CHI Home Chi Tourmaline Ceramic 3 Piece Travel Set, $99The perfect travel-size hair tools so that you can leave more room in your suitcase for that extra pair of statement heels.  Plus, no matter if your staying at the Ritz or Holiday Inn, hotels never seem to have a decent blow-dryer.


Nicholas Kirkwood Textured-leather point-toe flats, $395

Nicholas Kirkwood Textured-leather point-toe flats, $395

Chic enough to spruce up an outfit, and comfortable (and easy) enough to slip on and off at security.


Sophie Hulme Twin Keyhole leather clutch, $445

Sophie Hulme Twin Keyhole leather clutch, $445

A small clutch with detachable straps is perfect for traveling, as you can use ‘em as cross body bags for sightseeing (so much easier than toting around a handbag), and as a clutch for a night out.

What are your travel essentials?  


Spikes have been a huge trend for shoes that have been around for so long, it’s becoming a mainstay.  With the popularity of Valentino Rockstud’s and Louboutin’s various spiked heels, the spikes are evolving into creative and unique pieces of art.  My new obsession is the Spike Me 120mm Eclipse Patent PVC pumps from Louboutin’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection, with colorful spikes that appear to be floating on your feet, a pinky heel, and pointed toe for the perfect balance of sexy and fabulous.

Christian Louboutin 'Spike Me' Pumps, $1,295

Christian Louboutin ‘Spike Me’ Pumps, $1,295

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 11.01.55 AM

What do you think of these pumps?

24 Things I’ve Learned About Fashion By Age 24

“Do not regret growing older; for it is a privilege denied to many…”.  

As my 24th birthday approached today, I wanted to take a look back on all the things I’ve learned over the years about style and fashion.  It was difficult, as my opinion is constantly changing with the trends, and as my style evolves, yet these 24 rules of dressing are timeless and true.  Enjoy!

1. Everything looks put together with the perfect black blazer.

2. Experiment with combining different textures to create an balanced and unique look.

3. Mix designer labels with street labels.  A simple white t-shirt with that asymmetrical Helmut Lang blazer and J Brand jeans is a fabulous look.

4. Always keep a go-to outfit handy for those days when you’ve ransacked your closet and you still have “nothing to wear”.

5. The higher the heel, the closer to heaven.

6. Know your body shape, and dress for it- not for the latest trends.

7. If your friend desperately wants to wear matching outfits, humor her.  But as a rule of a thumb, think more fraternal, less identical.

8. Shoes will make or break an outfit.

9. If you’re uncomfortable in what you are wearing, it will show.

10. Invest in a good handbag and quality shoes.  They’re the essential items you can wear even when you put on that horrid winter weight.

11. Wrap dresses are made for traveling.

12. There will never be another “new” black.

13. The only accessory you need to take off before leaving the house… is a fedora.

14. Highlight your legs, OR your stomach, OR your arms… but not all of it, all at once.  Less is more.

15. There is a huge difference between your outfit being “girl cute” and “guy hot”.  If you find that rare outfit which is a common ground, cherish it.

16. Everything will look and fit better when you have a great body.  Take care of it.

17. Pay the extra expense for dry cleaning your nicer items.  It will pay off.

18. Take risks and play with color.

19. Office wear can be chic if you make it.

20. Denim dresses will never be in style.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to buy a little denim number, and gave it to Goodwill after never wearing it because it’s just a little too… something.

21. Don’t wear those super-hot boots in warm weather.  Just don’t.

22. Replace any belt that comes with the dress/pants/skirt you buy.  It will make your outfit look much more expensive.

23. Nude heels will elongate your legs like no other.

24. Break all the “rules” of dressing, and wear what makes you happy.  Life’s short, and fashion is meant to be fun.

Hope you lovely readers have a wonderful weekend!


Alice + Olivia have come a long way since it’s initial collections of low-rise, fitted pants.  While the designer, Stacy Bendet, initially wanted to create pants that were the center of an outfit, it seems the same inspiration was applied to these pumps.  I love the multicolored patent leather, and the tiny details, such as the red lips on the open toe, and fishnet covered heel.

Alice + Olivia Stacy Ankle-Strap Face Pump, $325

Alice + Olivia Stacy Ankle-Strap Face Pump, $325

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 3.54.30 PM alice + olivia


Would you wear these adorable heels?  


In every woman’s wardrobe, there are far too many LBDs and LBHs (Little Black Heels), and reasonably so.  If you’re ever in a pinch, they’re the perfect go-to items.  However, with so many options to choose from, I’ve found I have to be fairly picky when it comes to buying more- they have to be my new absolute favorites, or they’re out.  Luckily, I have a pretty open mind, and I’ve found another pair I’m smitten by…

Meet the Fendi perforated leather and suede boots:

Fendi Perforated Leather & Suede Boots, $1,395

Fendi Perforated Leather & Suede Boots, $1,395

Sometimes, you have to see them on for the full effect...

Perforated leather, scalloped suede trim, and honeycomb caged embossed heel…  Amazing.

fendiWhat do you think of these badass heels?