SHOE PORN THURSDAY: Nicholas Kirkwood

What better way to wear a pop of color than on your feet?  

Colorblocked shoes were seen all over the Spring 2015 runways, from blue & pink at Versace to green, blue, pink, & yellow at Burberry.  Nicholas Kirkwood shows off his unique style with an orange, yellow, pink, & blue pump adorned with a chunky silver metallic heel.  Although it seems at first glance it would be difficult to pair such a colorful shoe with many outfits, I’ve found that the more colors in a shoe, the easier it tends to be, as each one of the subtle colors blends perfectly with a solid color outfit on top.  Or, pick one or two of the colors, and match it with a printed dress in the corresponding color, and voilà!  A perfectly styled outfit that’s right on trend.

Nicholas Kirkwood + Roksanda Ilincic bow-embellished leather pumps, $840

Nicholas Kirkwood + Roksanda Ilincic bow-embellished leather pumps, $840

What do you think of these Nicholas Kirkwood pumps?


Weekend Wardrobe: Rainy Day Women

There is something to be said for the perfect rainy day outfit.  It can transform a gloomy, damp afternoon into a cozy and comfortable haven.  Since Spring is the season of rain showers and puddle jumping, it only seems reasonable to have an outfit to go along.  And, if there’s an outfit, well, it only seems reasonable that it be Burberry-inspired.


Do you have any rainy day staples?


The house of Maison Margiela is known for deconstruction and discretion.  The Belgian designer Margiela has never even appeared on the runway for any of his shows, and wishes to be completely anonymous (here is a wonderful resource with more information if you’re interested).  However, whether that is why John Galliano, who recently took over the reigns as designer for the house, did not take a bow and instead let his work stand for itself at its Paris Fashion Week show is up to you to decide (the designer was briefly out of the fashion world since being fired from Dior in 2011 for an anti-semitic rant at a bistro in Paris, then spent some time in rehab).

Maison Martin Margiela’s style has always been gritty, minimalistic, and art-centric.  Enter, these Maison Margiela hand-painted booties.  They’re certainly out there, but the style is a Margiela signature design, and are kind of like high-fashion’s answer to floral Doc Marten’s.

Pair it with this adorable matching silver-plated daisy earring for a perfect Spring outfit.

Maison Margiela Hand-Painted Floral Booties, $1,260

Maison Margiela Hand-Painted Floral Booties, $1,260

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 5.57.40 PM


What do you think of these booties?

How to Wear: 10 Ways to Style Adidas Superstars

Adidas superstars are making a huge comeback, and I love how they are casual enough to be styled with just about everything.  With different styles and colors to choose from, they’re this season’s go-to shoe.  Check out the unique ways to style them after the jump below.

ADIDAS MANIA! What is your favourite?

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Athletic-inspired fashion is still happening in full force, and that includes shoes.  Bright colors, metallic accents, and mesh detailing are all key aspects of this trend.  Check out these Tamara Mellon sandals, equipped with silver metallic straps, mesh detailing, and a pop of bright orange to create an eye-catching shoe that’s perfect for all your sporty outings (and yes, that totally includes walking up to a rooftop patio to get cocktails).

Pair ’em with a jersey shift dress or with a LBD and orange clutch to complement the look.

Tamara Mellon, $645

Tamara Mellon, $645

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 5.26.27 PM



What do you think of the sporty-inspired fashion craze?  Would you wear these heels?


The Essential Guide: Everything You Need to Know Before Doing Hot Yoga

For all of you with a desire to try hot yoga, I highly recommend it.  It adds an element to yoga that helps you to stretch your muscles further, with a multitude of various other benefits.  So many people are nervous or afraid to try yoga because they are intimidated and have no idea what to expect.  However, it’s so worth taking that risk, as there are so many benefits of yoga, from physical to emotional to psychological.  In lieu of my certification to teach yoga in 2014 & my new(ish) blog Trends & Trikonasanas (oh yes, I went there…) dedicated to all things related to health & wellness, I felt inspired to try to take some worrisome aspect out of attending a yoga class by providing a simple template on what to wear (and some other good-to-know tidbits).  Oh, and if you’re in the Minnesota area, be sure to check out MNYoga Magazine– it’s free!- where in this month’s issue, I highlight tips for what to wear to and from the studio (or you can read the online version here)!

Hot Yoga
Hot yoga was one of those things that were on my perpetual bucket list, along with skydiving and traveling the world.  Finally, one day I just went.  And fell in love, completely.
Before you go, you should be aware of a few things:
Wear spandex.
There are a lot of positions where you are either folding forward or back, and trying to hold your baggy shirt from coming over your head isn’t fun (not to mention dangerous).  Many women choose to wear a sports bra and yoga capris or shorts.  Baggy pants will get weighed down by your sweat and add a lot of weight, not to mention will cause the same problem as with a baggy shirt.
Bring a towel.
Many studios will have mats to rent (which is convenient for your first couple times), and some may have yoga towels.  If not, you can use a regular towel, however, the dimensions are different than a yoga mat, making it much shorter and wider.  Again, it is fine to do this for your first time, but you’ll want to get a towel as you continue your yoga practice.  I swear by my Yogi Toes towel.
No shoes.
The rules that apply in daily life are totally different in yoga studios.  No shoes, no shirt, no problem (of course, this means women should wear a sports bra…).  When you enter, you’ll most likely remove your shoes in a designated place near the door.  I’ve never had any shoes taken or misplaced, as most studios lock the doors when class begins, but if you are worried, you can remove your shoes and leave them in your locker (on that note, most studios have locks you can use, but if you’re worried, bring your own to err on the cautious side).  Some people bring a pair of flip flops to walk around the lobby and locker rooms in so that they don’t have to be barefoot.  Either way, shoes and socks are basically not allowed in the yoga studio because they will make you slip.  If this totally freaks you out, you can get a pair of yoga socks, like these Gaiam ones, that have slip-resistant grips on the bottom.
Stay hydrated.
Many people make the mistake of not drinking any water until they get to class.  The key is to stay hydrated beforehand, which will make the heat much more comfortable.  In addition to drinking water, eat foods with a high water content to replenish electrolytes, especially after, such as grapes, pineapple, watermelon, and spinach.  If you’re really nervous, I recommend buying one of those big bottles of water that have electrolytes added, such as Smart Water.
Eat before, but not within 1-2 hours.
Eat lightly before to give your body energy, but give your digestive system at least an hour, preferably two, to rest after eating a large meal before moving your body in yoga.  If you need a pick me up within two hours before, choose a potassium-rich banana, an avocado, or a light and healthy smoothie.
The smell.
There’s a bunch of people within close proximity of one another sweating in a 105 degrees Ferinheight room.  It’s just one of those things that happen.  Some studios are worse (ahem, Bikram carpeted floors…) and some aren’t even noticeable.
The heat.
As mentioned, most hot yoga studios are set to 105 degrees Ferinheight with around 40% humidity.  For your first class, I would recommend taking a place closer to the back near the door or windows, as it is usually much cooler there.
The sweat.
You will sweat, some more than others- especially if you use body lotion.  Trying to fight it is futile…  You’ll only sweat more.  Nonetheless, the sweat acts as an amazing detoxifier for your skin, and makes the poses easier to get into, as there’s no friction as there tends to be with dry skin.
Workout Wear: Yoga Edition #2
Now that I’ve totally freaked you out, just remember: you’ll be totally fine.  Seriously.  In fact, you will wake up the next day a new person.  And you’ll want to come back for more.  Trust me.
Workout Wear: Yoga Edition

The Perfect Post-Yoga Outfit

Let me know how it goes for you, or if you have any questions at all!  And be sure to check out Trends & Trikonasanas for tips on all things health & wellness!


Kenzo’s creative directors, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, have been business partners since 2002 when they founded Opening Ceremony in New York.  Together, they have captured the carefree and playful spirit of Kenzo, with unexpected prints, patterns, and a totally unique way of embracing fashion.

These white, black, and blue sandals are different than Kenzo’s signature green & blue color scheme, yet embody their unique, eclectic style.  Personally, I think they look like super-hot Stormtrooper-inspired heels.  

Kenzo Sandals, $400

Kenzo Sandals, $400

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 2.51.12 PM


What do you think of these funky sandals?


Nine Hair Products With a Cult Following

Trends & Tribulations

Most women have drawers and shelves of make-up, hair, and beauty products, and yet, we only use a certain few of those we absolutely love.  Those particular products are often our cult classics; ones we would like to bring with on a desert island.  Here are nine hair products with a huge cult following, and are known for being tried and true.

Cult Hair Products

L’oreal Elnett hairspray is one of my go-to products, along with Victoria’s Secret Ultimate Hairspray (possibly because it smells so divine).  Both have amazing hold, which is perfect for my super fine hair, and none of that crunchy-stiffness.

There's a Reason This Stuff Has Been Around for Over 5 Decades.

There’s good reason this stuff has been around for over 5 decades

Moroccan Oil is one of my go-to products for, basically, everything.  It works great as a leave-in conditioner, as well as to smooth split ends anytime your hair looks a little dry.  As a bonus, you can even use it on your skin to give you a glowing sheen.

This Is What a Cult Following Looks Like.

This Is What a Cult Following Looks Like

The Kérastase Paris Beautifying Oil is equally amazing, and can be used on skin, as well.

The Mason Pearson brush has a high price tag, but if you read the many glowing reviews, you’ll easily see why.

The Various Sizes & Types of the Mason Pearson Brush

The Various Sizes & Types of the Mason Pearson Brush

 If you’re looking for an alternative, I’m also pretty much obsessed with my Wet Brush.  And yes, in case the name didn’t give it away, it can be used to brush your wet hair (or dry) with no messy or painful consequences.

I could rave on about these products forever, but feel free to try them out for yourselves & see what you think!

 What products are your favorites?  Share ’em in the comments section below!



There’s something about stripes & flowers that immediately invoke a feeling of childhood nostalgia.  These Laurence Dacade embroidered striped ankle boots have a loud and playful feel, with a slightly edgy touch.  Pair ’em with flared denim and a pair of oversized shades for a perfectly adorable retro look.

Laurence Dacade Embroidered Ankle Boots, red, $748.51

Laurence Dacade Embroidered Ankle Boots, red, $748.51

Laurence Dacade Embroidered Ankle Boots, blue, $748.51

Laurence Dacade Embroidered Ankle Boots, blue, $748.51


What do you think of these ankle boots?


How To Make The Most Out Of Your Closet Space

Guest Post:

Creative Ways to Maximize the Space in Your Closet

Trends & Tribulations

Storage space is a hot commodity in most homes. That being said, even the smallest closet space can hold a lot if it is planned out well. Let’s look at some ways to get the most out of your closet space.

Straight and Narrow

Walk-in closets aren’t the only places for great storage and organization. A space saving reach in closet like this one can have just as much function when planned out properly. The drawers and shelving here really maximize the storage and the bright lighting is essential to keep things visible, even in the corners.

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