12 Seriously Easy Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween always comes up unexpectedly.  If you are going to a costume party or going out this weekend, here are 12 DIY costumes you can easily put together using items you most likely already have around.


Drake, via MTV

Drake, via MTV

Turtleneck Sweater + Vampire Teeth = Drake-ula!


Princess Leia, via StarWars.com

Princess Leia, via StarWars.com

Flowy White Dress + Hair Buns = Princess Leia


Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, via Pinterest

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, via Pinterest

Layers + Layers + Layers = Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen


Grace Coddington, via Presley Ann/PMC

Grace Coddington, via Presley Ann/PMC

Red-Haired Wig + All-Black Outfit = Grace Coddington

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The Easiest Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume

It’s almost the time of Halloween parties, and you realize you’ve forgotten to pull anything together or stop by your nearest costume shop.  Don’t fret- try this easy Harry Potter DIY costume using pieces you most likely already own.

What to wear:

  • White button-up
  • Tie
  • Glasses
  • Black skirt
  • Black socks or tights
  • Black heels
  • Wand (this one is questionable…)
DIY Halloween
Are you dressing up this Halloween?  If so, share or post a picture of your costume in the comments below!

Weekend Wardrobe: DIY ’80’s Madonna Halloween Costume

DIY Halloween:The 1980's Madonna Look

A Halloween party is a fun way to spend the weekend, and a last-minute costume is still a viable option.  I love this Madonna look, as it is made of items you probably have in your closet, or at least it is some inspiration for similar items you may own.  Have fun with it, and you’ll rock your look.

What’s Trending: DIY Halloween Costumes Found on Etsy

I love Halloween.  Really though, who doesn’t?  Being able to dress up for one night like anything you want is absolutely liberating and, of course, just plain fun.  However, buying a costume can often be expensive, as well as the look generic.  Plus, making a DIY costume is an engaging creative process and the results are endlessly unique.  If you’re anything like me, you come up with some great ideas but never end up seeing them through, so keeping a few key pieces like these are helpful to keep on hand.  Here are some great DIY Halloween staples found on Etsy that you can mix and match and maybe even wear time and time again, long after the Halloween parties are over!

These high-waisted shorts painted with a skeleton back are creative, and only $35 here.

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