Hermione de Paula’s Glamourous Tomboy S/S ’13 Lookbook

Setting a name for herself, Hermione de Paula has been working vigorously.  She recently worked on a heel collaboration with Nicholas Kirkwood, as well as recently released a collection titled “Jade’s Magicopolis” and has worked with the fashion geniuses: the late Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Christian Dior Couture.  Her style is a mix of forals on chiffon and silk combined with feminine layering, and topped off with a laid-back element.  This Spring/Summer ’13 collection features the signature mix, yet with an glamourous, urban touch.  Check it out below.

hermione de Paula15

hermione de Paula hermione de Paula2 hermione de Paula3 hermione de Paula4 hermione de Paula5 hermione de Paula6 hermione de Paula7 hermione de Paula8 hermione de Paula9 hermione de Paula10 hermione de Paula11 hermione de Paula12 hermione de Paula13 hermione de Paula14

I am having an impossible time trying to figure out which look is my favorite, but I do love the cropped blazeri n the first picture.  What looks do you like?

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