Boy London: The Hottest New Thing?

Recently, Rihanna was on the Jonathon Ross show looking adorable in a full-on Boy London ensemble.

rihanna boy london

And then, there was the trendsetter Nicki Minaj rocking the label:

nicki minaj boy london

I started to take notice of the brand and did a bit of research.  Basically, Boy London was founded in 1977 by Stephane Raynor and developed a cult following, worn by the likes of Warhol to Madonna.  The store opened on Kings Road, where Billy Idol worked the till and Phillip Salon made the tea.  The brand had become a movement, with the label becoming the uniform of the acid house movement throughout the 80s and 90s.   Once they reached the height of their fame, the buckled beneath the demands of the international buyers list.

boy london

The label lived on through word of mouth and charity shops and thrift stores; the coveted needle in the proverbial haystack.  But alas!  In 2007, a store emerged in East London called “SICK” and with it emerged Boy London.  The store, equipped with a unique, shape shifting whirlwind of basement parties, living art instillations and design studio.  The store sells out on a weekly basis, proof that the brand remains as influential as ever.

Although the store may be selling out, I found a couple different online shops that carry some adorable pieces from the brand, and you can find the top picks underneath the jump!

Boy London Top, $96.75

Boy London Top, $96.75

Cropped t-shirt, $58.46

Cropped t-shirt, $58.46

Eagle repeat leggings, about $51

Eagle repeat leggings, $51

Boy London cap, $45

Boy London cap, $45

Leave The Boy Alone tank top, $61.57

Leave The Boy Alone tank top, $61.57

I am loving the turtleneck and the cropped top!  What do you think of the brand?

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