Floral Beauty, $375

Floral Beauty, $375

Recently, I came across an amazing freelance illustrator from Massachusetts known as Katie Rodgers.  Better known for her work under the name “PAPERFASHION“, she has been commissioned for companies, such as Kate Spade, Coach, Rockport, and Target, among others, as well as has been featured in ElleGirl, The Great Book of Fashion Illustration, CosmoGirl, and Lucky Magazine (it’s a wonder I didn’t come across her before!).

In My Closet, $33

In My Closet, $33

I was first enthralled with her art from the bright colors, and how it is reminiscent of fashion illustrations– which always make me happy to look at.  There’s everything from a portrait of Chanel no. 5 to a pair of Miu Miu’s Fall 2012 sparkly boots to specifics, such as “Jessica Stam in Prada”. 

America, $30

America, $30

I’d definitely recommend checking them out, at least for some eye candy and inspiration.  Enjoy!

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