Edwardian Street Style

Kensington and Chelsea Library recently released these photographs which captured womens’ fashion in London and Paris as far back as the 1900’s.  They were photographed by Punch cartoonist, Edward Linley Sambourne.  Who knew modern day street style photography actually dates back to over a century ago?

A young woman in Cromwell Road, London on July 12th 1905 in a stylish white shirt with a belt and an ankle-length skirt.

This young lady walks along Kensington Church Street, on September 8th 1906.

A young cyclist adjusts her her hat in Kensington on September 8th, 1906.

A woman dressed in a dark outfit takes a walk on February 20th, 1906.

Helen du Bois is pictured playing handball in a formal dress on June 4th, 1906.

A group of women holding parasols and wearing eyecatching hats walk along the Champs-Élysées.

This photos are both astonishing and beautiful.  To see more of these photographs, go here.

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