CLOX Shoes New Cake Collection

Croatian-based shoe company CLOX recently released the photos from their Cake collection, and the photos are almost as quirky as the shoes themselves.  CLOX, aptly named for the mini-clocks found in their stilettos and flats, was conceived by the idea of merging time and footsteps.  According to their website, “a rhythm of the footsteps, ‘click-clack’ joins the rhythm of time, ‘tick-tack‘, unsure whether time follows the steps, or the steps follow the time”.  Since time is so valuable in today’s modern age, an extra five minutes is always needed.  Check out the photos from the collection below.

The new Cake collection includes the Brownie, Dark Chocolate, Strawberry Cream and Coffee Mousse stilettos.  Would you wear these shoes?

Penny For Your Thoughts?

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