Yves Saint Laurent 2.0 (aka Saint Laurent Paris)

Hedi Slimane, the former creative director of Dior Homme and recently became the new creative director for Yves Saint Laurent, is showing YSL’s Spring/Summer 2013 at Paris Fashion Week on October 1.  There has been much controversy over his new branding methods for YSL, including changing the name to “Saint Laurent Paris“, which is reminiscent over the original name in 1966, which was “Saint Laurent Rive Gauche“.  Below is one of the company’s Fall 2012 rock’n’roll inspired ads adorned with the new logo.

There is also much anticipation of his new store concept which is to be “the first unit in the world to reflect a new floor-to-ceiling store concept developed by Slimane, who is applying a 360-degree makeover to the mythic fashion house”.  Here are some of the tidbits from the interview between WWD and Hedi Slimane.

  • Hedi Slimane’s main goal for YSL is to revolutionize fashion again, as Mr. Saint Laurent did in the Sixties.
  • They are planning to open 15 stores and shops-in-shops per year.
  • All aspects of the new brand identity will be complete and in stores by January 2013.
  • YSL’s ready-to-wear line will feature a broader price range to attract a younger client base.
  • Upgrades and reorganization to production, product development, and merchandising have been implemented.
  • The new store design is inspired by French Art Deco and the French Union of Modern Artists movements.
  • The key materials used in the new stores will include “black and white marble, raw concrete and Thirties-esque display furniture with gold, silver, mirror and glass.”

Saint Laurent New Store Concept

I’ve always loved YSL (especially their accessories- which, by the way, they are upgrading and reworking) and think they are going in a very positive direction.  What are your thoughts on the new branding and store concept?

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