Nine West Launches Channel 9 on YouTube

Nine West, the shoe retailer and e-tailer, recently debuted its first YouTube shows, on a channel known as “Channel 9“.  The shows highlight style tips, makeovers, how-to videos, and celebrity fashion updates.  So far, it has already attracted 40,000 views and 1,800 subscribers.

The channel will feature a series of episodes, including:

  • You’ve Been Schooled: Fashion Shoot 101“, which will feature Kelly Cutrone, along with other styling professionals.
  • You’ve Been Prom’d“, which follows a group of high school students selected to receive shoe, makeup and wardrobe makeovers in anticipation of their high school prom.
  • Shoe Fix” is shot at Nine West’s Nashville store, in which YouTube stars Megan & Liz give girls advice on picking the right shoes, and shoe repair tips.
  • Shoe Hoarders“, which will show closets and profiles of, as Nine West claims, “some of the greatest and very unapologetic shoe addicts of all time”.
  • Confessions“, which is a community-based show, which will include not only celebrities discussing their experiences with their favorite shoes, but also will include users, whom are encouraged to submit their own confessionals.

Some users will be able to tell their stores at “Confessionals”, booths set up at the Madison Ave and SoHo Stores in Manhattan on Fashion’s Night Out (September 6).  Here is a preview of the channel below:

What do you guys think of the show concept?

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