Make Diamonds Out of Your Pet’s Ashes (And Even People)

LifeGem is a company that has made over 1,000 diamonds from deceased animal’s ashes “mostly from dogs and cats but also a few birds, rabbits, horses and one armadillo,” according to the company.  The pet diamonds start at $1,400 and the pieces are based on color and size.

lifegem diamond

Dean VandenBiesen, LifeGem’s co-founder, explains that, similar to the uniqueness of your pet, “remains have some unique characteristics in terms of the ratios of elements, so no two diamonds are exactly alike.”

An actual diamond made of pets ashes

An actual diamond made of pets ashes

So, how are they made?  The carbons from the ashes (and even hair) are undergone a man-made process to convert them into diamonds.  Also noted, this can be done with human ashes, as well.  One psychologist in the Wall Street Journal story says that “having a physical object like a jewel can help the grieving process” and that “there is a really basic need that people have for permanence and to feel like death is not the end.”

Although this is quite interesting, I don’t feel as though I will be wearing anyone’s ashes in the near future.  What do you guys think?