What’s Trending: Find Your Perfect Coat For This Fall

Asymmetrical dresses had their moment, followed quickly by the asymmetrical skirt/skort combo, and this season, the asymmetrical coat is having its heyday.  With Autumn just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to update your wardrobe.  With classic styles, these are timeless pieces with a unique twist on the trend.

Check out the top picks below!

Asymmetrical Coats
The Yang Li trench coat looks amazing when paired with the hat, but I can’t get over how much I love Gucci’s leather jacket.
Which is your favorite?


kabamo ankle boot

Kabamo Ankle Boot by NastyGal, $185

Apparently, I’ve been on something of a Nasty Gal rampage this week, but can you blame me?  These shoes are simply perfect, from their clear pointed heel to the Americana-themed colours and the cutout detailing.  Called the Kabamo Ankle Boot, I can’t help but be reminded of bad ass comic book heroes rocking these shoes (or at least I’d feel like it in ’em).

kabamo ankle boot2