Moschino’s Fall/Winter 2014-2015 line was Frito-Lay & Cheeto’s couture at its absolute finest.  Jeremy Scott embraced consumer culture with a mutant hybrid of “Coco Chanel meets Ronald McDonald”.  There was a superficiality of it that made us question if the joke was on us.  I wondered if this would be more of a concept runway show, or if the pieces would actually be sold in stores.  As I was recently perusing, I stumbled upon the line, and my answer was confirmed.  Yes, these pieces are being sold.  And for today’s Shoe Porn, I present the McDonald’s Slingback Pumps, courtesy of Moschino (who would ever think those words would go in the same sentence?)

Moschino McDonald's Slingback Pumps, $704.43

Moschino McDonald’s Slingback Pumps, $704.43


Would you wear these pumps?  I’m torn…