Monday Must-Have: Ray-Ban Classic Pink Wayfarer’s

Ray-Ban Pink 'Classic Wayfarer' Sunglasses, $150

Ray-Ban Pink ‘Classic Wayfarer’ Sunglasses, $150

Tip: These adorable pink sunnies would complement a classic, retro inspired outfit perfectly.

Monday Must-Have: Mara Hoffman Metal Triangle Top

Mara Hoffman, $202

Mara Hoffman, $202

Fashion is a sexual, or sensual, thing, however you look at it.  It is essentially the seduction of your body to create an appealing physical appearance.  This top is representative of this, with its open back and vertical brass triangle arrangement.  Enjoy!

Monday Must-Have: Cozbest Animal Print Jacket

Cozbest, $68

Cozbest, $68

I was recently inspired by the lookbook photo below, and decided I MUST FIND THIS COAT!  And, needless to say, I was successful in my search.  I couldn’t resist showing you the great find!

Ashlei of Flattering Bird

Ashlei of Faltering Bird

What do you guys think of the jacket?