Sometimes, your eyes scan over shoes and take a second look, then a third, and before you realize it, you’ve been drooling all over your leather Gucci blouse.  Okay, you know you’d never actually drool on that, but I digress…  These Givenchy Leather Chain T-Strap Sandals made me do almost that.  They exude a unique sex appeal with its subtle chain details, shape, and leather material.


Givenchy Leather Chain T-Strap Sandals, $1,195

Givenchy Leather Chain T-Strap Sandals, $1,195

What do you think of these heels?


This pair of leather booties immediately caught my eye.  They exude a classy and sexy vibe, and it’s no surprise given that they are made by Giuseppe Zanotti, high heel magician/guru.  The leather lining and sole make this pair of heels truly amazing.  Find ‘em here.