These Mojito Shoes are the product of Julian Hakes, a London-based architect with an amazing success story.  He first released early concept images of the design for a new ladies fashion footwear concept on design blog Dezeen.  Later that evening, the editor of Dezeen called Julian to tell him his design had gone viral.  Blogger Gizmodo snapped up the story and registered over 100,000 hits within hours.  A few days later, a well-known ex-model in New York called Julian Hakes requesting 2 pairs in her size for an upcoming show, in which Julian realized he needed to make this concept into a reality.  With help from bloggers and fashion followers, the concept was made into a conceptual reality.  After 2 years, Hakes has been working to refine every delicate, sculptural curve and twist to make this a very light, comfortable and elegant design.  Hakes team is busy making this design a reality and we will expect to have the first collection ‘The Hakes Mojito’ ready for the summer party season.

Designer Spotlight: Sohung Designs

I was recently wandering around Chelsea Markets in the East Village, and stumbled across “Artists & Fleas Pop-Up Shop“.  If you guys live nearby, I definitely recommend checking it out (It goes ’till December 17th!).  Anyway, one of the designers there especially stuck out to me, with his innovative designs and interesting concepts.  I spoke with Tom for a bit, and his shop is known as Sohung Designs.  All of the pieces are handmade and originally designed (for both men and women).  Take a look at the photos from his collection below:

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A New Kind of Fashion: Constrvct

Constrvct is a unique fashion site that recently caught my eye.  It isn’t that much of a surprise that this concept was created by Continuum Clothing, the same makers of the world’s first 3D printed bikini.  The company’s founders’ goal is to create a “social fashion label” that reflects on the creativity of the people who wear them.


Basically, the concept of the application is it is a kind of do-it-yourself design.  The site offers a few classic silhouettes where the user can create their own design on by uploading photos or images that are turned into digitally printed clothing.  The artwork and cutting pattern are printed onto the fabric with inkjet textile printing.  Not only does the user get to design the print, they also can design everything from the tag-less printed labels to the packaging.

Here are some examples of the designs and styles of the clothing.

The founders have an ultimate goal to achieve a truly crowdsourced fashion design by allowing anyone to publish, and even sell, their own collection, with full production and retail ready to go.  They are currently working on more designs and are set to launch in Fall 2012.  You can read more about Constrvct here.

What do you guys think of the concept?