What’s Trending: 6 Lace Dresses Under $100

Lace is a sensual fabric, and a timeless fashion trend that adds femininity to every outfit.  A lace dress is a piece that will last a lifetime.  Here are some style steals: 6 beautiful lace dresses under $100.  Because, of course, you’ll need some hot stilettos to pair with ’em…

6 Lace Dresses Under $100

Enjoy, ladies!

What’s Trending: Art Deco Necklaces

Art deco is a style which originated from 1920’s France and flourished throughout the ’30’s and ’40’s.  The style is characterized by symmetrical, geometric shapes, bold colors and intricate embellishments.  Back then, it represented modern glamour, luxury and exuberance.  Today, it has become a popular influence on architecture, interior design and especially fashion.  Moreover, a touch of art deco in an outfit channels the 1920’s glamour in all of us, and a necklace is a perfect statement piece to don the trend.  Check out the top picks below, all for under $100.

Mood by Jon Richard, $19

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