What’s Trending: 10 New & Fashionable Ways to Style the Power Pantsuit

Aida Domenech, via Glamour

Aida Domenech, via Glamour

The pantsuit has come a long ways since the 1980’s.  It’s reinvention is both powerful and sexy, with slim cuts, cropped pants, and even worn with lingerie (or, for the more daring crowd, nothing) underneath.  For inspiration, look to celebrities and street style stars who are wearing it in different and new, fashion-forward ways.  Try it in a bold color, like Aida Domenech, above, with sneakers or oxfords, or in a sleeveless style.  The options are endless.

Take some inspirational cues from the 10 outfit ideas below to see how you can style the power pant suit into your wardrobe.


The Pantsuit


The Pantsuit


The Pantsuit



The Pantsuit with PaoloShoes


Untitled #2038



The PantSuit
The Pantsuit- Yoins


The Pantsuit



The Pantsuit



The Pantsuit


What are your favorite ways to wear this trend?  Personally, I love both cropped and flared dress pants with a blazer and either a t-shirt or lacey bra underneath.  Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


This Summer’s Hottest Swimwear Trends

The Hottest Swimwear Trends for Summer 2016

via Fashionisers

via Fashionisers

Summer is lurking around the corner and it will be no time when we immerse our feet into the hot sand and take a swim in salty water (or at least pay a visit to your nearest swimming pool).  While the anticipation builds for all of the summer’s plans, the most important question remains: What do I wear?  Luckily, Miami Swim Week gave as pretty much a clear picture of what this swimwear season will look like, and we must admit that we are absolutely thrilled about the upcoming trends. Some trends from the last season, such as extreme cut-outs and sporty cut-away bikinis are still on the top, while we have spotted a number of new and exciting trends.

San Lorenzo's 1st Runway Show highlighting the Spring/Summer 2016 collection

San Lorenzo’s 1st Runway Show highlighting the Spring/Summer 2016 collection

Check out the latest trends below.

Long Sleeve Swimsuit

Lisa Marie Fernandez Farrah neoprene swimsuit, $415

Lisa Marie Fernandez Farrah neoprene swimsuit, $415

Spotted on Swim Week long sleeves are effectively taking over the scene. We have seen them on Belusso, 6 Shore Road, and Acacia, and we will continue on seeing them on the beaches this summer. No longer are the long sleeves reserved for surfers- now, ordinary beach visitors are wearing them, too.

Orlebar Brown Nyla cropped rash-guard top, $173

This look is a fresh take on swimwear fashion, and we salute the risk. Long-sleeve swimsuits can be found in different varieties, from sleek and sophisticated, to fun & playful.


Melissa Obadash Sicily metallic bikini, $220

Melissa Obadash Sicily metallic bikini, $220

The beginning of the year was celebrated as the season of metallic, and there are ways for everyone to wear it. Furthermore, it is the choice of the year for weddings, so that naturally transitioned into swimwear fashion. Gottex, Belusso, and Hammoc showed us how to rock this trend (in accents or full metallic). Not only it is a great way to shine, but it will also make your sun kissed skin look even more amazing.


Kore Swim Pyramid Top, $119.00

Kore Swim Pyramid Top,

Remember last year’s and still present trend of cut-outs? Well, this one is a similar trend- only now, the cut-outs are covered with sheer material. The design is ideal if you want to combine your outgoing and bold personality with your more conservative side. The fabric designs are made in a way which is contouring the body, while enhancing your finest features.

High-Neck Halter

Marysia Mott Scalloped Swim Top, $143, & Bottoms, $136

Mott Scalloped Swim Top,
$143, & Bottoms, $136


High-neck halter is the ultimate hit of 2016.  Halters can be very flattering for your back & shoulders. This year’s models come in a variety of styles – from sporty to pretty prints.

Animal Prints

Brigitte Animal Print Bikini, $187.33

Brigitte Animal Print Bikini, $187.33

Animal prints perhaps seem a bit ‘80s, if you ask us, but there is no denying they will be just as big now as three-four decades ago.  Safari-vibe is very chic right now, so earthy colors & jungle animal prints look best.  They will highlight sun kissed skin.  Amp up the fashion factor with an African head wrap or a simple floppy sun hat.

Long Top

Maaji 'Lakes and Rivers' Underwire Bandeau Bikini Top & Crop Top, $74.00

Maaji ‘Lakes and Rivers’ Underwire Bandeau Bikini Top & Crop Top, $74.00

If you are on the lookout for a flattering bikini that elongates your body and looks gorgeous – search no further. The upcoming season brings us the new trend of a long top – a 2016’s take on the last year’s trend of high waist. This twist on traditional bikini top is super stylish and easy to wear for different body types.

Maaji Swimwear 2016 Runway

Maaji Swimwear 2016 Runway

Though we have seen so many new fashion trends on the runway, these six innovative trends stood out amongst the crowd.  Will you be wearing any of these trends on the beach this summer?  If so, which ones?



DSquared2‘s shoe game has gotten so serious.  They have been creatively killing it, from high-heeled ice-skates, to vertebrae heels, to brass knuckles, and beyond.  Their latest creation brings me back to the days where tying shoelaces was a feat in itself, but luckily, there were those convenient no-tie, curly Q shoelaces to wear on your sneaks.  These black sandals are tied up with multi-colored ropes that may conjure up some nostalgia from your childhood, too.

Wear them with an athleisure-inspired outfit, such as a black racerback dress or a pair of sporty culottes and a red or lime green tank to balance it out.





What do you think of these heels?  How would you style them?


What’s Trending: Glamorous Gowns

Wedding season is almost upon us, which means lots of dressing up (and sometimes parading around in even fancier dresses as part of an elite crew for a day known as “the bridal party”.  Of course, this is all really a very convenient excuse to go shopping and spend an entire paycheck on a beautiful, shiny new outfit.

Check out the top picks below, from any style and price range, to fit any wedding (and most other spring and summer occasions…).


Nightcap Caletto Maxi Dress, $495.00

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The Hottest Swimwear for Your Spring Getaway

Let’s get real: Nobody is going anywhere cold for a Spring getaway.  Which means, of course, that you’ll need an ultra-alluring swimsuit as a reminder to motivate you every time you find yourself debating between the gym and episodes of American Horror Story (spoiler alert: Hotel is no good.  Go to the gym.).

Check out the top picks below in all different price ranges, colors, and styles to fit every body.


Aguadecoco Runway Savage Halter Top, $660.00, via Revolve, &

Aguadecoco Runway Savage Halter Top, $660.00, via Revolve, & Runway High Waist Bottoms, $330, via Revolve


Moschino question-mark print swimsuit, $101

Moschino question-mark print swimsuit, $101


Mara Hoffman Printed reversible halterneck swimsuit, $240

Mara Hoffman Printed reversible halterneck swimsuit, $240



Herve Leger Brigitt and Milla bandage bandeau bikini, $810 now $324


Ehukai Rashguard Acacia Swimwear, $242

Ehukai Rashguard Acacia Swimwear, $242


Kiini Tuesday crochet-trim bikini, $286

Kiini Tuesday crochet-trim bikini, $286


Filles À Papa Malibu Tomboy swimsuit, $230 now $34.50

Filles À Papa Malibu Tomboy swimsuit, $230 now $34.50


kate spade new york 'bolsa chica' polka dot high waist bikini bottoms, $80, via Nordstrom

kate spade new york ‘bolsa chica’ polka dot top, $94, via Nordstrom, & high waist bikini bottoms, $80, via Nordstrom


Zimmermann Alchemy floral-print bikini, $295

Zimmermann Alchemy floral-print bikini, $295


Herve Leger Off-the-shoulder cutout bandage bikini, $1,030

Herve Leger Off-the-shoulder cutout bandage bikini, $1,030


What swimsuit styles are you loving this year?  Are you planning on going anywhere exotic?

xo, beautiful


Bright colors and whimsical designs that tug on our heartstrings make those of us in the northern hemisphere yearn for the lazy summer days and carefree nights.  The design duo behind the Peter Pilotto label, made of Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos, capture this feeling beautifully in their new footwear offering, composed of vibrant hues and groovy (yep, groovy has been called) patterns.  Check out these blue and yellow leather and suede sandals below that are both playful and flirty.  Wear ’em with a loose-fitting, super short sundress to show off your stems whether on a resort getaway or in the heat of the summer.


Peter Pilotto Cage Leather & Suede Sandals, $1,124


What do you think of these sandals?  How would you style them?

stay gorgeous,


Your Go-To Guide for Spring & Summer 2016 Beauty Trends

Hottest Make-Up Trends for Spring/Summer 2016

We love runways! The glitz, the glam, the excitement, the everything. I’ve been working as a stylist for many years now and I still get chills whenever I go backstage with my models or when I style any of my celebrity clients (you’ve got to look good when you are in sitting in the first row). And, runways are the start of all new trends we later adore, which is an additional reason absolutely love ‘em.

Another interesting aspect of runway shows is that, while clothes are the focus of every catwalk, we can also spot the ever-evolving makeup changes presented on the runway as part of the collection. Most designers say they rarely think about makeup as a separate things to the clothes, but rather tend to make it an accessory to it in order to make the whole look be cohesive, aesthetically appealing, and to the point. Still, us who are on the other side, tend to single out things about the whole presentation and then play it up in ways they are most fitting for us.

It’s wonderful that the makeup palette is seemingly broader than ever, so there is so much for everyone! I am singling out some of my favorite makeup trends for the upcoming spring and summer and I hope you’ll love them as much as I am loving them. Enjoy!

Color me blue

Blue is currently trending and it’s not going anywhere in 2016 either. Although, this time around things are getting a bit bandit-like; Chanel introduced the look.  It’s perfect for both a daytime look, with a hint of blue eyeshadow, and a nighttime look, with a blue smoky eye.

Doll-like vibes


from left, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino

For all the girls who are channeling their inner Lolita, this makeup trend is everything! No, we are not talking red, heart-shaped lips… things are more subtle this time around. This Lolita is a free-spirited doll who decided to go bohemian on her style. The exaggerated lash look was first introduced by Louis Vuitton and it was well received.  If you are daring, this is the look for your spring.

Contour me, please

With contouring being the absolute hit in 2015 (thank you Kim K!), and multiple sister-techniques emerging I am absolutely positive 2016 is going to be major when it comes to this makeup trend. Contouring, strobing, tontouring… you name it – they are all going to make your face look slimmer and your nose more defined.  Although the techniques do take a lot of time, the results are simply amazing.

Femininity re-born


Plenty designers have turned to more feminine vibes by channeling the simplicity of hairstyles, colors and makeup techniques.  Marchesa, DKNY, Oscar de la Renta, Zac Posen, Carolina Herera… they are all relying on the rich texture of reds, pinks and purples on the lips while staying faithful to the simplicity of eye makeup for contrast.  A little bit of liquid liner on the eyes or a hint of glitter are what’s going to be our major love in the summer of 2016.

Take me back to the ‘70’s

It’s getting hot! DVF made it all about curls and tropical makeup, paying tribute to the first time Diane went out and let her hair curly. Clean, healthy skin and pops of metallic blue and shimmery green on the eyes channel the easygoing and fun vibes of a summer holiday vacation.  Simply adorable!

So, which of these do you think will be your favorite vibe the upcoming summer?  Share in the comments section below!


SHOE PORN THURSDAY: Jimmy Choo x Moon Boot

Moon Boots were a little before my time.  So, maybe that’s why I don’t fully “get” these trendy boots, or perhaps they just need time to grow on me.  Then again, anything Jimmy Choo does I can pretty much get behind, and this collab with Moon Boots is no exception.  There is something slightly glamorous about them, as though reserved solely for beautiful, upscale winter resort destinations, such as Aspen, St. Moritz, or Banff.

Pair ’em with a cozy pair of equally fancy leggings and a matching silver coat, or with skinny jeans to balance out the look.

Moon Boot + Jimmy Choo MB Buzz shearling and shell snow boots, $750

Moon Boot + Jimmy Choo MB Buzz shearling and shell snow boots, $750

Moon boot jimmy choo

What do you guys think of these boots?  Would you wear them?

xo & merry christmas, loves!

The Go-To Guide for What’s In & What’s Out This Season

Holiday dressing can be confusing, stressful, and not to mention simply tedious (hello, freezing cold!).  Thankfully, the folks at WhoWhatWear fixed up this easy, to-the-point guide of this season’s do’s and don’ts for your viewing pleasure.

What are your go-to rules for holiday dressing?