SHOE PORN THURSDAY: Duccio Venturi Bottier

Recently, I came across Italian shoe label Duccio Venturi Bottier.  The shoe’s silhouette, cut and shape, and versatility stuck out to me.  The 25 year old designer, Aliai Venturi Quattrini, works with her father, Duccio Venturi, who worked alongside Sergio Rossi for 20 years, to produce some of the most well-crafted and beautiful heels and boots from the Marche region in Sicily (a region legendary for its cobblers).

This pair of pony skin and leather ankle boots stuck out to me, with its unique color and texture, and elegant cut.  These are a great transitional bootie for the fall season, as they would look chic paired with cropped white cigarette-cut jeans, as well as with a midi-skirt and leggings.   

Duccio Venturi Bottier Ankle Boots, $965.00

Duccio Venturi Bottier Ankle Boots, $965.00

Duccio Venturi Bottier

I am having trouble thinking of any colors these booties wouldn’t complement…  What do you think of them?