There are some questionable furry things happening with shoes as of lately.

 First off, there are so many furry boots and shoes that I honestly cannot tell if they are an small animal or a pair of Saint Laurent boots.  Secondly, I’m all for some good fur detailing here and there, but it is my personal belief that a fur heel is off limits.  We’d be kidding ourselves if we said 95% of shoes in our closets are made for walking, but there is a line, and that line is crossed when the shoes cannot actually be used for walking (we vote! we want options!).

[Cue End of Soapbox]

Meet these Mink & Suede Pumps from DSquared2.  I honestly feel like they could be somewhat sexy from the back, given the white mink heel, except I really cannot get over the front toe.  Actually, I think the perfect description of these would be to call them mullet shoes: They are business in the front, and a party in the back.

DSquared2 Mink & Suede Pumps, $1,288

DSquared2 Mink & Suede Pumps, $1,288

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 12.31.05 AM


What do you guys think?