Weekend Wardrobe: Pop Art Fashion

Primary colors (blue, yellow, and red) look fantastic when paired together.  Give your style an eclectic vibe by pairing the colors together, with an addition of white or black (adding any more colors will be overwhelming!).


pop art fashion
Where would you where this outfit to? 

What’s Trending: Black & White

Black and white are my two favorite colors (besides pink…).  Why?  Because black encompasses all colors, and is a classic color that will never become outdated or be last season.  And white, because all colors are created from it, and, similarly, it will never go out of style.  I especially love how the combination works in clothing and interiors, and can be blended seamlessly and interchanged with any other hue to create an ultra chic look.

Black&White Inspiration

What are your favorite colors to pair with black & white?

Weekend Wardrobe: What To Wear To An Art Museum

Weekend Wardrobe: What To Wear To An Art Museum

Art museums are a great way to spend a lazy weekend afternoon. Naturally, this outfit was inspired by modern art. The lion graphic tee is inspired by Schiaparelli (and note: if you live near the NYC area, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is still showing the ‘Schiaparelli vs. Prada: Impossible Conversations’ until next Sunday, August 19). Bright colors are a great way to infuse an artistic sense of creativity into your outfit, and you’re sure to stand out with red lips and bright yellow nails.