Luxury fashion design is nothing new for Paul Andrew, a shoe designer who worked at various fashion houses from Alexander McQueen to Calvin Klein before launching his own line in 2013.  Every aspect of design is critical to Paul, as he personally hand draws every shoe, chooses high-end materials, and uses only the best Italian production techniques to create each pair of shoes in his collections.

This is clearly evident in these Nya Suede and Patent-Leather Sandals, which playfully combine triple-dyed bright-blue suede, black, white, and neon-pink patent leather.  As an added bonus, the cushioned memory-foam insole forms to your foot for extra comfort.  Pretty sure the cushion in itself will ruin walking in any other pair of heels ever again…

Paul Andrew Nya Sandals, $945

Paul Andrew Nya Sandals, $945

Paul Andrew


What do you think of these quirky sandals?  How would you wear them?