There are some things in fashion out there that simply boggle my mind.  I’m all for styles of the tongue-in-cheek variety, but often I have to question if the designer honestly thought: This is a good look.

This was brought to mind recently when discovering these Saint Laurent Patti studded goat hair ankle boots.  The goat hair is covering every part of the visible boot, thus creating what my boyfriend likes to call “The Chewbacca Effect“.  What’s more, they are almost all sold out.  What’s even more, these bad boys are running at almost $2,000 a pop.

Saint Laurent Patti studded goat hair ankle boots, $1,995

Saint Laurent Patti studded goat hair ankle boots, $1,995

What do you lovely readers think of these boots?  Would you wear them?

Weekend Wardrobe: The Perfect Laid-Back All-Black Outfit

Black is my go-to color for pretty much every type of casual occasion.  While running errands, going to the gym, or getting coffee, I am always donning a pair of black jeans or yoga pants, and some type of black blouse or sweater.  Black is amazing for a multitude of reasons, most notably because it’s easy to mix and match from one color, and it always looks put together, classic, and chic.

As an added bonus, you can always throw on some funky heels in any color (or all colors!) with an all black ensemble, and it never fails to look stunning.  For inspiration, check out this fabulous outfit below.

Fashion lover
What are your favorite go-to outfits?

Weekend Wardrobe: What To Wear To An Art Museum

Weekend Wardrobe: What To Wear To An Art Museum

Art museums are a great way to spend a lazy weekend afternoon. Naturally, this outfit was inspired by modern art. The lion graphic tee is inspired by Schiaparelli (and note: if you live near the NYC area, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is still showing the ‘Schiaparelli vs. Prada: Impossible Conversations’ until next Sunday, August 19). Bright colors are a great way to infuse an artistic sense of creativity into your outfit, and you’re sure to stand out with red lips and bright yellow nails.


So, I have to confess.  I’ve been feeling terribly guilty, being on the fourth week of Shoe Porn Thursday, and yet, still not having any Louboutin’s featured.  So, alas!  I present you the Christian Louboutin Decorapump from the Fall/Winter 2012 collection, which will pitch you up 160mm and set you back a measly $3,895.  The Swarovski crystals are placed in a geometric pattern, which is perfectly fitting since this is a trend we will be seeing everywhere this upcoming season.  These handcrafted beauties are absolutely stunning.  You can find out more about ’em here.

United Ink Tattoo Convention: Street Style

This weekend I attended United Ink, a tattoo convention held in Long Island, and took some photos of the many gorgeous ladies with amazing style.