Happy 4th Anniversary, Trends & Tribulations!

Happy 4th Anniversary to Trends & Tribulations!

When I started this blog, I had no idea that 4 years from then, I would still be passionately writing away about my favorite fashion designers, trends, and everything in between.  The main reason for creating Trends & Tribulations was really just because I was living this new life in NYC as a fashion trend consultant, and basically, my life was centered around fashion, which meant that I wanted to talk about it 24/7, and it just so happened that my then boyfriend wanted to talk about other things once in a while (I know…it was totally nonsensical of him).

via Shop Ban.do

via Shop Ban.do

Sometimes, I’m overwhelmed by how much things change.  I had no idea I would be where I am today, and, honestly, I didn’t plan my life like this.  But I couldn’t be happier, and this is exactly why I am certain that everything happens for a reason.

via LeoandBella

via LeoandBella I love you all

I love you all, and want to give a big THANK YOU to you readers for your kind words and support.  I welcome any and all feedback, and am so happy to continue to evolve and grow.  I hope you all will continue to enjoy Trends & Tribulations for years to come.



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