7 Super Cool Yoga Brands You’ve Never Heard Of

7 Awesome Yoga Brands That Aren’t LuluLemon

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While we are forever grateful to Lululemon for being the pioneers of fashionable yoga gear (because, obviously, it needed to happen…), there are so many new and exciting yoga apparel brands popping up every day.  Considering the last year’s market where sales of athletic pants equaled the sales of denim, it is really not a surprise that more and more companies are banking on the athleisure trend.  In honor of the recent article I wrote for MNYoga, here’s the skinny on the coolest yoga gear that’s (ahem) not LuluLemon.  Enjoy, loves!

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The Upside

The Upside

The Upside

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Sweaty Betty

sweaty betty

This British retailer was founded in 1998 to “inspire women to find empowerment through fitness“.  They combine innovative, feminine designs with technical fabrics.  Plus, they give super cute reusable bags adorned with their geometric logo and motivational quotes with purchase.

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Lucas Hugh

Lucas Hugh

Lucas Hugh has an emphasis on futuristic prints and high-quality, technical fabrics that feature reinforced stitching and streamlined fused seams for unrestricted movement.  The designer, Anjhe Mules, uses her fashion and swimwear expertise to cut and craft yoga wear that flatters a women’s physique, while feeling comfortable and able to stretch freely.

lucas hugh

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Alo Yoga

alo yoga

This retailer is inspired by life in the fashion and healthy-lifestyle mecca Los Angeles.  They test out all their gear on real yogi’s before putting it to market to ensure a slim and functional fit.  Plus, their color blocking is so perfect to mix and match tops and pants together.  Who knew you could feel so put together in yoga clothing?

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Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 10.46.40 PM

WearGrace is yoga clothing designed for both on and off the mat.  Its creator is former art director, graphic designer, and then Director of Image for the Gucci group (creative agency for all the brands: Gucci, YSL, Mcqueen, Balenciaga, and Sergio Rossi, among others) who found yoga after a few incidences happened simultaneously, and she found herself unable to walk and lost her father and husband.  The founder, Karen Joyce, explains that her yoga practice became an analogy for her life.

weargrace is a message, a belief and an emotion.

weargrace is a message, a belief and an emotion.

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Onzie was created by a 20-year Bikram yoga practician to create affordably-priced clothing that is functional, flexible, and flattering.  Their lightweight, fast-drying fabric allows you to move freely whether you are doing yoga, pilates, spinning, swimming, surfing, or running.

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Clothing made from recycled plastic bottles?  This LA-based retailer creates yoga pants and tops using fabric that is spun from fibers made out of recycled plastic water bottles, then cut, printed, and hand sewn using environmentally friendly practices.  Plus, everything is manufactured in the U.S., which provides jobs to Americans and reduces their carbon footprint.  Considering it takes over 400 years for plastic bottles to biodegrade, this is such an amazing way to help out the environment and offsets the need to produce new raw materials.  All that aside, I can personally attest to how unbelievably soft and lightweight their material is, as I own at least a few pairs of their pants (just doing my part for the environment….), and oh, my, are they just daaaarling.



What are your favorite athletic brands?  Do you shop at any of labels featured above?


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