How to Choose a Flattering Neckline

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Lovely neck

The right neckline on your top or dress will flatter you from the bust upwards, and draw attention to your face. It will make your neck appear longer and more slender. In most cultures a long, slender neck is recognised as an attractive part of the female body, and some go to great lengths to attain this. (Pardon my pun)

Long Neck

Without being this drastic, it’s not too difficult to enhance your neck by choosing the right neckline for your body shape and bust size. If you’re not sure of your body shape, please see my previous blog

There are so many necklines and different ones come in and go out of fashion almost as regularly as the ocean tide.

Here’s a diagram showing the most popular necklines followed by my guide on what you should choose based on your body shape. I suggest you ‘pin’, save or print this so it’s always…

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