What To Wear: The Only 15 Pieces You Need to Pack On Your Next Vacation

It seems as though everyone is always perpetually trying to get packing right.  No matter how many times I travel, I never seem to do it exactly perfect.  It’s either too much or too little.  Thanks to the lovely ladies at College Fashion, they found the perfect 15 items that are versatile enough to interchange for however long your vacation is.

Bonus: You’ll still have room left for shopping!

Trends & Tribulations

A few other tips for packing:

1. Pack in advance.  Add things to your suitcase as soon as you get your travel dates arranged.  This way, you won’t be frantically throwing unnecessary items in your luggage the night before in an attempt to get some sleep before your 4 AM flight…. (Yes, I have been there before, and far too often).

2. Make a checklist.  If you’re one of those people that know you will forget to pack socks for your hiking trip in Ecuador, make a checklist to remind yourself of those essentials.

3. Choose basics.  Although it may seem a bit boring to pack basics, it will save you space to shop for all those unique items you’ll find along your trip.  Plus, basics are easy to mix and match, thus creating a functional and minimalistic wardrobe.

4. Check the weather.  If the weather forecast shows highs in the mid-50’s throughout your trip, it probably won’t be necessary to pack those amazing new striped high-waisted shorts (even though you’re dying to wear ’em).

The 15 Travel Essentials

The 15 Travel Essentials

Product Info (all under $100!): Trench Coat – H&M, Hooded Jacket – Blackfive, Chunky Sweater – Blackfive, Long Tee – Abercrombie & Fitch, Leggings – New Look, Jeans – Blackfive, Chambray Shirt – American Eagle,  Short Sleeve Blouse – H&M, Short Tee – Athleta, Dress – Abercrombie & Fitch, Sneakers – Adidas, Flats – ModCloth, Booties – ModCloth, Satchel – ModCloth, Infinity Scarf – Nordstrom

Here are a four sample outfits made from the above 15:

The Fabulous 4

The Fabulous 4

Do you have any other essentials to add to the list?


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