What’s Trending: 5 Quirky Statement Pieces

Recently, I was showing a dear, old friend my new Jonathan Adler Vice canisters, of which mine read “EYELASHES“, “PROZAC“, AND “PEROXIDE“.  She told me how she loved how my funky style has remained over the years, despite my high fashion proclivity.  Immediately, I replied back, stunned, telling her that high fashion is quirky.  I have always thought of fashion as an art form, and these pieces below are the perfect example of it.


Yazbukey Classic Collection Earrings, $136

Yazbukey Classic Collection Earrings, $136


Karen Walker, $349

Karen Walker, $349


Charlotte Olympia SOS Heels, $811

Charlotte Olympia SOS Heels, $811


Karl Lagergeld + tokidoki Mr UK diamanté-embellished figurine, $190

Karl Lagerfeld + tokidoki Mr UK diamanté-embellished figurine, $190


Maison Michel 'Heidi Rabbit' Headband, $533.80

Maison Michel ‘Heidi Rabbit’ Headband, $533.80

Which of these unique items is your favorite?  How would you style ’em?

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