Beauty: What Would Barbie Look Like Without Make-Up?

Mexico artist and designer Eddi Aguirre shows an hyper realistic image of the iconic Barbie doll without make-up.

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Barbie, sans make-up, by Eddi

Barbie, sans make-up, by Eddi Aguirre, via Incredible Things

A bit sickly, no?  The “Au-Natural” Barbie has freckles, age lines, bags under her eyes, pinkish eyelids, oily skin, and even braces.  When I came across this image, I couldn’t help but post it, as we’ve all seen the pictures of Barbie with real human proportions, but never without perfect skin and make-up.  While I’m always interested in seeing what Barbie may actually look like as a real woman, I think the fact that she is not is the magic of the doll that makes her such an icon.

Barbie has been the iconic image of beauty since it debuted in 1959.  The doll was created by Ruth Handler who used the doll “Bild Lilli” as inspiration.

Bild Lilli, Cartoon Character turned doll, & predecessor to Barbie

Bild Lilli, Cartoon Character turned doll, & predecessor to Barbie

As you can see in the picture above, Barbie has a very similar, yet updated look of the Bild Lilli doll.

Barbie Birkin

Barbie Birkin

 On a much different note, have you lovely readers ever seen Barbie Birkin‘s instagram account?  If not, I highly recommend perusing it for a good laugh.  She loves wine, traveling, and shopping.  And, of course, has some fantastic words of wisdom, such as:

“It’s true what they say, money CAN’T buy happiness…but it’s so fun to cry in a Mansion.”

“I think anger is such a waste of time. Like exercising, or reading to kids.”

“I’m just sitting here thinking about how Husbands come and go, but the Chanel slingback is FOREVER!”

“I hope if I’ve taught you anything it’s that with a positive attitude & a great pair of boobs, you can do ANYTHING!”

Barbie birkin

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