Guest Post: Swimwear (for Moms) To Flatter Your Shape

Trendy Swimwear Designs For Moms

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Having children is one of the most joyous moments in life, but it comes with its share of drawbacks, and not just the lost sleep. Chief among those obstacles is the alteration, often permanent, to mommy’s figure. But rather than hiding away in the shadows, women are proudly rocking their newly minted mom bodies, and rightfully so. Summer’s uniform—the itsy bitsy swimsuit—shouldn’t stop them in their tracks.

If you’ve got kids, whether fresh from the oven or three years into high school, and you’re dreading the coming warm weather, never fear. Designers, once so dismissive of alternate body types, are now courting body diversity and offering every shape and size an opportunity to look fabulous and feel great. Already have invites to pool parties and beach days? Here are some of the best trends in swimwear for chic ladies who just happen to parent on the side.

Ali Landry

Not a mom? That’s ok; these styles look scorching on everyone.  I’m particular to the retro look, but there’s definitely something for everyone.

First off, everyone needs to invest in vintage-inspired fashion.  With the ongoing obsession with mid and high-rise waists on pants, skirts, and even underwear, it should come as no surprise the fashion is translated for swimwear too. This is a major boon for women with a paunch, aka “mommy tummy,” who want to camouflage their belly.

Mara Hoffman,

Mara Hoffman, Top $132, Bottom $132

Check out the geometric two-tone bandeau bikini above by Mara Hoffman. The strapless top shows off well-shaped shoulders while corralling the bust. The bottoms are playful and forgiving, with full coverage on the rear and that high-waist style everyone adores.

Norma Kamali, Top $215, Bottom $175

Norma Kamali, Top $215, Bottom $175

Another sophisticated yet wearable example of retro bikinis is the ruched two-piece halter combo from Norma Kamali, shown above. The pistachio-colored top inspires ice cream dreams while the flattering skirted bottom hides a whole host of issues, without ever looking like a swimsuit for trouble spots.

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With so many styles available boasting the vintage look, you never need to research further. But if antique makes you think aged, you’ve got plenty of other options. For instance, the illusory powers of paneled suits can perform breathtaking miracles.

Karla Colletto, $288

Karla Colletto, $288

The black and blue two-tone one-piece by Karla Colletto easily nips in the waist and arms, effortlessly creating that coveted hourglass figure, regardless of the actual shape of your body. Even athletic moms with toned tums may favor this style if they’ve ever yearned for natural curves.

Tory Burch, $225

Tory Burch, $225

Tory Burch managed to combine two flattering styles in one: vintage and panels. The brand’s colorblock one-piece bathing suit has an alluring sweetheart neckline to play up the décolletage and a charming belted middle to enhance (in a good way) the midsection. Utilizing navy in the center is not only a classic choice, but it’s also a favorable shade for masking extra inches.

Patterns are another stylish cloaking device, and there are so many gorgeous designs being produced.

Cover, $190

Cover, $190

If mommyhood hasn’t stopped you from enjoying life, you might rush to find your credit card for swimwear designer Cover’s elegant yet functional suits. You can surf, swim, and rear the next greatest generation in a long-sleeve houndstooth one-piece. The whole collection is full of fun and forgiving styles, none of which even remotely whisper “mom suit.

Clube Bossa, $410

Clube Bossa, $410

One final offering (before I jet off to somewhere warm with waves). Never underestimate the figure-enhancing properties of a one-shoulder swimsuit.  The asymmetrical style balances body shapes, especially when covered with a summery coral print in bright Creamsicle orange.  Clube Bossa has a classic design with a touch of heightened style in its double strap on the left shoulder. The resulting ruching draws eyes upwards and away from imperfections elsewhere.

Moms have enough on their plate without worrying about how they’re going to look in a swimsuit, unless that concern has more to do with high design than insecurity.  Finding the perfect suit is a struggle for everyone, but these smart styles aren’t just fashion-forward, they’re figure friendly.  And, most importantly, not a single one of them feels frumpy.  Now, get some sun and show off your figure!

Moms, what swimwear do you have your eyes on this year?

Meet our guest author:

Patricia Hogenes is a full time Mom, who spends a lot of time taking her youngest child to his activities or helping him with homework. When she’s not doing that, she enjoys writing articles for, and particularly likes researching new topics.

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