She’s Got Style: Miroslava Duma

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If you know what fashion blogs are, then chances are you already know who Miroslava Mikheeva-Duma is. A trendsetter, former Russian Harper’s Bazaar editor, and now a freelance writer and founder of style and entertainment website Buro 24/7. Shots of Miroslava rocking bold, eclectic, and fashion-forward looks started appearing in big street style blogs circa 2009 – think The Sartorialist and Jak & Jil. After that, it’s history. Since than, numerous Tumblr blogs and Pinterest boards have appeared to praise the lavish style of this twenty-something Russian girl. Last year, as I was blogging for a private styling company Visual Therapy, one of my bosses – a very respectable stylist – selected Miroslava’s photo as the the “Look Of The Day” for the blog. That’s when I knew that Duma’s popularity is only going to go uphill.

I went to the same high school №1234 with Miroslava back in…

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