What Do Your Glasses Say About You?

Ever wonder what do your glasses say about you? Glasses have reached a whole a new level of cool, especially now that the geek-chic style has hit the mainstream fashion trends. Watch out Tina Fey, you’re no longer the only person who can pull off this look! Men and women alike are picking up glasses to transform their usual look to make an appropriate fashion statement that reflects their personality while adding a nerdy flair. And no, we’re not talking about those cheap reading glasses that you can buy at the drug store. We’re talking about some of the best reading glasses on the market with designer frames from Ray Bans and Foster Grant reading glasses. Designers are creating new styles to take ordinary reader glasses to a stylish fashion statement for everyone while providing a reliable product for everyday wear. Reading sunglasses and designer reading glasses can complete any look in any weather.

The following infographic gives you the innovative breakdown of pop culture icons and what their spectacles say about their personality and how their glasses define their overall style. It’s the ultimate guide to find out exactly what your stylish reading glasses say about you and will help you identify which pair will look best without having to try them on. So if you’re about to order your first pair of peepers, keep reading, take notes, and define your style. And if you already have five pairs, find out what each design says about you.


Apparently, I’m a Tina Fey.  What do yours say about you?

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