Obsessed: Charlotte Olympia’s Perfume Clutches

London-based fashion designer Charlotte Olympia never ceases to amaze me, with her daring artistic style and innovative designs.  Her latest collection of perfume clutches are a perfect feminine fashion statement, in various colors and sizes and inspired by 1940’s glamour.  See for yourself below!

Pink Perfume Clutch, $1295

Pink Perfume Clutch, $1295

yellow perfume clutch

Yellow Perfume Clutch, $1295

Blue Perfume Clutch, $1295

Blue Perfume Clutch, $1295

I also simply must add another clutch from the collection- this embroidered newspaper clutch.

Newspaper Clutch, $1595

Newspaper Clutch, $1595

What are your thoughts on Charlotte Olympia’s latest collection?

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