Current Obsession: Nikki Lipstick

nikki lipstick

T-shirts have a classic cool appeal to them, and sassy ones are like jewelry to your outfit.  I’ve recently become completely and totally obsessed with designer, stylist and make-up artist Nikki Lipstick.  Her tees are reminiscent of UNIF (another brand I’m in love with), and are sold at Dolls Kill as well as her own website here.

death metal

After many years of destroying her and her boyfriend’s clothing, she wanted to create a place for those styles to collide…  And the result became an eclectic mixture of everything from homemade pasties (eyeballs, bats, unicorns, you name it) and badass tees with enough zest to stir up a crowd of christian church-goers (well, and the lesser).  Each piece is made to order, and most have the option of various colors and the choice of cropped or uncropped.

Bonus: They ship almost anywhere in the world!

my little pony

Check out some more of my favorite pieces after the cut!


trust no bitch

I recently purchased this one.. Obsessed!

Triangle Pasties


doll cult

What do you think of Nikki Lipstick?  Your style, or not so much?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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