Art Obsession: High Heeled Art

It’s no surprise I have a very deep love for shoes, and I think its safe to assume the feeling is mutual among the lovely readers here!  So, imagine my delight when I came across Mark Shwartz, shoe designer and artist of High Heeled Art.  The name is pretty self-explanatory, and the color, personality, and mysterious sex appeal of stilettos are as apparent in their tangible form as they are on his canvases.  Enjoy a look at more of his artwork after the jump, and head over to his site for more info and updates.


my hat

cherub heels

collage shoes

color shoes

cross heels


om art

orange heels

sky shoes

matisse in his shoe

Ranging from around $275 to $350, these paintings would be a perfect complement to any shoe lover’s apartment.  Which are your favorite?

One thought on “Art Obsession: High Heeled Art

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