The “New Aesthetic” & The Future of Fashion

Many of you have probably heard about Iris Apfel‘s debut on the cover of Dazed & Confused magazine, looking stunning in a Comme des Garçons get-up.  The issue’s theme is “The New Aesthetic”, so many people are a bit confused themselves why the magazine would highlight a 91 year old on the cover.  The New Aesthetic is the modern theory which describes visual culture and looks at how technology is becoming engrained with the material world.  It is essentially shaping our views and how we think.

The New Aesthetic got me thinking about the important role technology plays in our modern lives, and how technology is becoming more and more integrated into fashion.  For example, I recently came across these GPS shoes.  Named “No Place Like Home”, the shoes are programmed with a GPS and tiny LED lights that light up in the direction of where the wearer needs to go to get home.

“No Place Like Home” GPS shoes

So how do they work?  First, you plug in your home address.  Once you have that plugged in, you need to turn the GPS on.  Titled aptly, you simply click your heels, just like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz!  These creations are courtesy of designer Dominic Wilcox in collaboration with shoemaker Stamp Shoes, as well as interactive art technologist Becky Stewart.

left, LED’s light up the way; right, A hand drawn map adorns the sole of the shoe

There’s also the bra that tests for breast cancer.  It’s lined with sensors that can detect temperature changes in breast tissue, which could indicate a developing tumor.  If the sensors sense a change, it submits data to the internet to see whether a tumor is developing.  The bra can even detect changes earlier than a mammogram or MRI test.

The breast cancer screening bra has a 90% accuracy.

Then, there’s the virtual mirror technology that allows the user to try on accessories and even make-up from your own home, using your webcam.  The technology is being used by Ray Ban, EZ Face, and Boutique Accessories, among others.  There is also the development of the C-InStore virtual mirror, which allows shoppers to virtually try on outfits, with the help of an oversized computer which instantly identifies size and gender of the consumer.

The EZ Face virtual mirror allows the user to try on make-up from home.

As we see technology gradually becoming an integral part to fashion, it adds a new element to design, and the possibilites are endless.  What do you guys think of this new phenomena?  Have you seen any interesting tech-fashion recently?

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