“Scary Beautiful Shoes” by Leanie Van der Vyver

Photo Credit: Lyall Coburn

Whatever comes to your mind when seeing these heels, think again.  That’s really the only way how I can describe how bizarre these heels are.  For starters, they don’t go on the way you’re thinking.  In fact, even after seeing how they fit, I’m still trying to piece together what goes where.  Okay, okay, enough suspense (see photo after the cut).

These bizarre front heeled shoes titled “Scary Beautiful Shoes” are a by-product of designer Leanie Van der Vyver.  You probably won’t be seeing them at Bergdorf’s anytime soon, as they were simply a supporting piece to her thesis.  Here is what the designer explained:

“I wrote my Thesis about how humans have been playing God with their bodies, constantly searching for the ultimate perfection and I discovered that this perfection has reached a climax in the fashion and beauty industry. Heels can not get higher any higher,’ she said.

‘This design might seem quirky and fun, but it is firstly a critique on how the fashion and beauty industry disregards the human body in it’s constant reinvention of the “new extreme.” The shoes are literally an illustration of what lies beyond this aspirational perfection.”

I think this is a great portrayal of what the fashion industry is like, and when you look at shoes like phantom heels, these pair of front heels are really not that far from reality.  Would you guys ever wear these heels, even if they became the hottest new thing?

6 thoughts on ““Scary Beautiful Shoes” by Leanie Van der Vyver

  1. The idea of the designer is great! I saw these “shoes” and had to know why someone made them, that´s why I am here. Some women are really too stupid and don´t realize what they are doing with their health, wearing many of the high heels you can find. They will notice it, when they get older!!


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