6 Fashion-Themed Costume Ideas To Try This Halloween

Recently, I came across this amusing and creative tutorial from Fashionista featuring some very unique costume ideas.  They’re quite simple, and are sure make you smile.

Karl Lagerfeld’s Adoring Cat, Choupette

The Inspiration: One of fashion’s most legendary love stories: Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette. Try not to disgust Karl this time and do justice to his precious feline.

The Formula:
White Necomimi Cat Ears
Fingerless Gloves
White Wig
Skinny Tie
White Ipad
Custom-made Etsy pillow with, “Ici, c’est le place du chat”

Betsey Johnson

The Inspiration: You can’t hold Betsey Johnson down. Celebrate the resilience of one of fashion’s most beloved personalities with this festive costume. Don’t forget to do cartwheels all night long!

The Formula:
Crimped wig with bangs
Hot pink tutu
Black and white knee highs

Bill Cunningham

The Inspiration: Bill Cunningham: The OS–that is, the original street style photographer, whom “we all get dressed for,” according to Anna Wintour.

The Formula:
Blue Windbreaker:
Camera that costs five times as much as your jacket
Red tie

Andy Warhol

The Inspiration: Andy Warhol (ahem, NARS collaboration) and the ‘60s has inspired a host of collections. Why not pay tribute to the original!?

The Formula:
Andy Warhol wig:
Black turtleneck:
• Empty Campbell’s soup cans (to hold your drink, of course)

Gangnam Style

The Inspiration: Gangnam Style! I already know of three guys planning to be Psy this year–meaning it’s officially a trend!

The Formula:
• The actual sunglasses Psy wears in his video
Black bow tie
Blue Suit Jacket
Black and white oxfords


The Inspiration: Couples costume alert! Kimye–the moniker for supercouple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, duh– is hotter and more monochromatic than ever. The only rules for dressing like this celeb pair? Leather, chains, and no kolors.

The Formula:
Leather pants
Peplum top
Leathery leggings
• And of course, fashion’s 2nd favorite kitten Mercy

Would you dress up as any of these, or, if not, are you planning on dressing up for Halloween?

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