Nicole Miller Wanderlust Fall 2012 Lookbook

There’s something very enchanting about the word, as the definition itself: Wanderlust.  The fall 2012 lookbook for Nicole Miller is aptly named, with clothes as unique as the background itself, and embedded with an underlying retro, bohemian-vibe.  Browse the photos below and just try to tell me you don’t have any desire to explore the world.

To me, these photos embody the essence of bright sunlight shining through the windows in the dewy morning to the dead silence of dirt roads.  What do you guys think of the lookbook?

4 thoughts on “Nicole Miller Wanderlust Fall 2012 Lookbook

  1. Love the dress with gold bottom and black sleeves…wishing I were skinny skinny to wear these clothes with a fat fat wallet to afford them. The fabrics are gorgeous!


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