Your Daily Dose of Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld is opening a concept boutique in the Left Bank of Paris that will sell all labels under the designer’s expansive influence.  It is set to open next February, and will showcase the “world of Karl”, including the Karl label and the premium Karl Lagerfeld Paris collection.  It will have two levels, and, naturally, will be colored black & white.  It will also highlight Karl’s wide range of talents, like design and photography, and will feature items personally curated by Karl.

A preview of the concept store in Paris

And, on to the next Karl news in order: The Chanel Spring/Summer 2013 runway show, which debuted this morning.  The highlights, below:

Chanel Spring/Summer ’13

  • A resurgance of denim, in a revived and unique sort of way.
  • Racecar-inspired elements were present via black and white prints.
  • An underlying trend was a grid pattern seen in many outfits in the collection- a definite upcoming fashion trend (seen in the Marni, Tory Burch, and Olympia Le Tan Spring/Summer 2013 collections, among others).
  • Tweed was ever-present, and, of course, reminiscent of the classic Chanel look.
  • Similarly, the silhoutte was the classic 1950’s Chanel, with short, tailored jackets and fitted skirts.
  • Striped, thick wedges and pointed slingbacks was the main idea in footwear.
  • Oversized pearl necklaces added a modern, feminine feel.

A view of the runway, and Mr. Lagerfeld, himself

The Chanel show was a play on ecology (cue wind turbines, above), as the designer stated he started sketching the collection in Central Park, and wanted some wind to cool him off.  It was overall the most modern show we have seen by Chanel, and truly embodied cool, calm and collected.

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