Hurricane Sandy


Hurricane survival kit: Red wine, candles and fashion magazines (of course!).  I will be unable to post until the electricity is restored, but am very lucky to be safe! Take care lovelies.


The “New Aesthetic” & The Future of Fashion

Many of you have probably heard about Iris Apfel‘s debut on the cover of Dazed & Confused magazine, looking stunning in a Comme des Garçons get-up.  The issue’s theme is “The New Aesthetic”, so many people are a bit confused themselves why the magazine would highlight a 91 year old on the cover.  The New Aesthetic is the modern theory which describes visual culture and looks at how technology is becoming engrained with the material world.  It is essentially shaping our views and how we think.

The New Aesthetic got me thinking about the important role technology plays in our modern lives, and how technology is becoming more and more integrated into fashion.  For example, I recently came across these GPS shoes.  Named “No Place Like Home”, the shoes are programmed with a GPS and tiny LED lights that light up in the direction of where the wearer needs to go to get home.

“No Place Like Home” GPS shoes

So how do they work?  First, you plug in your home address.  Once you have that plugged in, you need to turn the GPS on.  Titled aptly, you simply click your heels, just like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz!  These creations are courtesy of designer Dominic Wilcox in collaboration with shoemaker Stamp Shoes, as well as interactive art technologist Becky Stewart.

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Real-Life Anime Doll: Anastasiya Shpagina, or “Fukkacumi”

The world is buzzing about online sensation Anastasiya Shpagina, a 19-year old woman from the Ukraine, who is a splitting image of an anime-girl.  She has pale, porcelain-doll skin framed by bright, raven hair and accompanied by a glassy, doe eyed stare.  Shpagina has even acquired a Japanese name, “Fukkacumi“.

Anastasiya Shpagina

According to the DailyMail, the 5″2 star weighs a tiny 85 lbs. and spends 30 minutes applying make-up on each eye daily in order to achieve the cartoon character look.  She is also considering surgery on her eyes to better achieve the anime look.

Shpagina with the “Real-Life Barbie” Valeria Lukyanova

In case you (along with a half a million YouTube viewers) are interested in achieving the look of a Japanese cartoon character, or, er, your significant other has some anime-girl fetish, you’re in luck.  Behold a make-up tutorial below, by none other than the anime princess herself, below.

What are your thoughts on Fukkacumi?  Would you ever do your make-up like this?

Weekend Wardrobe: DIY ’80’s Madonna Halloween Costume

DIY Halloween:The 1980's Madonna Look

A Halloween party is a fun way to spend the weekend, and a last-minute costume is still a viable option.  I love this Madonna look, as it is made of items you probably have in your closet, or at least it is some inspiration for similar items you may own.  Have fun with it, and you’ll rock your look.

Kate Middleton as a Downtown Fashionista

Kate Middleton is our favorite It-Girl (er, It-Duchess, I suppose), as well as the topic of much fashion scrutiny (see outfit recycling, etc.).  These images, illustrated by Burcu Urgut, provided courtesy of Bullett Magazine, are what the duchess of Cambridge would look like as a downtown fashionista.

Bitch I’m in the 020: Kate wears an Alexander Wang cropped leather jacket over a Hood by Air t-shirt, a Proenza Schouler mini skirt over 3.1 Philip Lim sheer leggings, and Simone Rocha silver brogues.

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Ah, Alberto Guardiani, you are quite the genius.  Combining the two sexiest things known to man- lipstick and heels- to make a ultrasexy hybrid shoe.  These heels add just the right amount of subtle quirkiness to an outfit.  The best part: you can mix and match the lipstick colors, depending on your mood, from electric blue to absolute red to total black.  Check out the nude leopard heels above (or the black ones below) here.

What’s Trending: Steampunk Fashion

Steampunk inspired fashion is showing up everywhere lately, and is one of the hottest trends for fall.  Taking inspiration from the 19th century, where the age of industrialism was emerging, steampunk is a genre of science fiction.  Think Victorian-era meets fantasy meets the underground culture of punk rock, with an emphasis on form and function.  Altogether, it’s a uniquely intriguing subgenre that modern fashion is taking a cue from.  Check out the pieces after the cut for some interesting steampunk-inspired pieces, all around $100 or less.