Chloé Celebrates 60th Anniversary with Digital Archive

Chloé is celebrating its 60th anniversary this month with the launch of a new interactive digital archive called The Alphabet, featuring letters corresponding with an aspect of their heritage and ethos.  It is inspired by the French fashion house’s founder, Gaby Aghion, whom named her collections with letters, starting in 1958 with Collection A (in which every piece had a name starting with A), then Collection B, and so on.

So far, the website has only revealed six letters, A, C, H, L, O, E, in which the story and themes are told via film, previously unseen archive imagery, past advertising, music and editorial.  “C” stands for counter-culture, “H” for the free spirit of horses (see below), “L” for light, “O” for roundness, “E” for embroidery, and “A” for Chloé.Attitudes, the first exhibition dedicated to Chloé, and a celebration of the maison’s 60-year contribution to fashion culture.

Every day a new letter and theme will be released until the 26 letter alphabet is revealed.  They will be released first on an unknown fashion blogger’s website first, then on the website.  What are your thoughts on the digital archive?

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