90’s Style Inspiration: Sporty Spice

Unlikely Fashion Inspiration: Sporty Spice
With the sporty fashion infusion that is everywhere right now, Sporty Spice is the perfect candidate for fashion inspiration. In the 90’s, Sporty Spice was always seen in sweatpants with stripes, so these white and black striped Marni pants are a grown up, modern version. Mesh is popular right now, but can look overdone, so using it sparingly, like in the detailing on the top, is perfect. A mini backpack is great for on-the-go and can also stash your travel size gym essentials. Sneaker wedges are the hottest item this season, and the Giuseppe Zanotti sneaker wedges are no exception- and the candy colored patent leather couldn’t be more fitting. Keep the outfit fun with pops of color on the accessories, like these yellow, pink and gold geometric-detail earrings.

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