What’s Trending: Graphic Print Leggings

Graphic print leggings, from galaxy prints to inverted crosses, are the hottest new thing, and are perfect for the autumn.  Black Milk has been the leader in unique and quirky prints, such as stained glass, day of the dead, and skeleton bones.

Black Milk Leggings

However, at $75, it can become a expensive addition to your wardrobe.  Therefore, I’ve been searching the web for kick-ass leggings that won’t be so harsh on your wallet.

Nasty Gal Leggings

Nasty Gal has quite a few unique and interesting leggings.  You can find this $38 pair, along with many others here.

See You Monday Leggings

These bold See You Monday leggings make a statement.  You can find ’em here from KarmaLoop starting at $18.95.

Urban Outfitters Leggings

These Urban Outfitters cosmic leggings are a perfect complement to a longer shirt, or on their own as pants. And at $39, you can’t go wrong.

Leela Leggings

The metallic fashion trend is huge for this upcoming fall season, and the ever-popular inverted cross print shines in these $24 Leela leggings.

What do you guys think of printed leggings?  Would you wear them, and, if so, what kinds?

One thought on “What’s Trending: Graphic Print Leggings

  1. I absolutely LOVE printed leggings. They are a staple in my wardrobe….they work great for an every day outfit or to stand out and be comfy when going out at night. I am the proud owner of a few pair of Black Milk leggings 🙂 I’ve also shopped many of the sites named looking for some new legs to add to my collection. (Romwe.com also has some great printed leggings for an affordable price)

    I love stained glass, galaxy leggings and African prints.


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