Weekend Wardrobe: Fashionable Bike Rides

Sunday Funday: Bike Rides

As the summer winds to an end, a great way to enjoy the cooler days of August is to indulge in a bike ride on a weekend afternoon.  And what could be a better fashion accessory than a cute beach cruiser to explore the city in?  A great biking outfit consists of comfortable clothes, but is even better if those clothes can be comfortable and stylish.  A pair of combat boots are tough, but the floral print takes the edge off and looks so summery.  A lazy pullover sweater will keep you warm against the wind, and a floral print headband will pull your hair back, as well as complement the booties.  A mini backpack holds all your necessities, including a good book and some refreshments.  And don’t forget a smile- it’s the best accessory to complement an outfit.  Enjoy!

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