Seeing Double: Prints on Prints

Prints paired with prints are trending everywhere this season, from the runways to the streets.  However, this trend is fairly difficult to master, as it involves defying the rules of matching that we have always abided by.  To master this ultra chic look, use a neutral color, such as black or grey, on either the top or the bottom, and choose color for the other print.  Altogether, the underlying rule for success is to use colors that complement each other.  Florals are a great print to pair; not only do they go well with other florals, they also combine well with geometric and grid-like prints.  The best way to find what goes well together in your closet is to simply experiment!  The different combinations are endless, and it guarantees that you won’t be seeing another lady on the street in the same outfit.

Penny For Your Thoughts?

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