Banana Republic & Virgin Airlines

Banana Republic & Virgin Airlines recently teamed up to make fashionable uniforms for the airline in an attempt to bring fashion back to the skies.  Their main goals were to create something functional and fashionable, or “utlity chic” in their words.  The uniforms will debut on August 8 in celebration of the 5th year anniversary of the airline.  The line for men includes leather jackets, lined mac coats, striped sleeve sweaters, woven shirts and pants. For women, there’s a classic pencil skirt, a slim dress, trousers, a leather jacket and a trench to start, paired with luxe silk print scarves, slim plaque belts and Virgin America-branded serving aprons for in-flight meal service.  (Source)


Above, a photo of the womens’ line.  Below, the mens’ and womens’ collection.


I personally love them!  Please share your thoughts about the uniforms, whether you like them or hate them.

Penny For Your Thoughts?

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