Weekend Wardrobe: The Ultimate Stylish Travel Packing List

Travel on My Mind


Traveling and fashion go hand in hand, so why is it so difficult for even the most experienced world travelers to find the perfect traveling outfit and accessories?  Throughout my experiences (good, bad, and forgetful), I’ve found the perfect essentials and tips to make traveling in style that much easier.  Enjoy!


White + Warren Classic Cashmere Two Way Topper, $275

White + Warren Classic Cashmere Two Way Topper, $275

Absolutely perfect to throw on for the chilly plane air.


Eddie Harrop The Voyager studded textured-leather weekend bag, $1,205

Eddie Harrop The Voyager studded textured-leather weekend bag, $1,205

This black leather weekend bag is perfect to carry-on your essentials, as well as a change of clothes in case you are going far.  Sometimes changing into a new outfit over your layover can feel like the next best thing to a shower.


Diane Von Furstenberg Silk Jersey Maxi Wrap Dress, $575

Diane Von Furstenberg Silk Jersey Maxi Wrap Dress, $575

Any one of DVF’s wrap dresses are ideal for traveling, as they are comfortable and easy to throw on.  I love the maxi dresses, as you can hide a pair of tights underneath (in case you are always freezing like myself), as well as throw on a pair of flats underneath and for all anyone will be able to tell, you could be rocking sky high stilettos.  As a bonus, wrap dresses are versatile enough to look great over a swimsuit on your way to the pool or beach, as well as for the day and night.


Stella McCartney Cat's-Eye Sunglasses, $300

Stella McCartney Cat’s-Eye Sunglasses, $300

These bring me back to a time when travel was absolutely glamorous…not just LuluLemon and a pair of birks on the plane.


CHI Home Chi Tourmaline Ceramic 3 Piece Travel Set, $99The perfect travel-size hair tools so that you can leave more room in your suitcase for that extra pair of statement heels.  Plus, no matter if your staying at the Ritz or Holiday Inn, hotels never seem to have a decent blow-dryer.


Nicholas Kirkwood Textured-leather point-toe flats, $395

Nicholas Kirkwood Textured-leather point-toe flats, $395

Chic enough to spruce up an outfit, and comfortable (and easy) enough to slip on and off at security.


Sophie Hulme Twin Keyhole leather clutch, $445

Sophie Hulme Twin Keyhole leather clutch, $445

A small clutch with detachable straps is perfect for traveling, as you can use ‘em as cross body bags for sightseeing (so much easier than toting around a handbag), and as a clutch for a night out.

What are your travel essentials?  

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Weekend Wardrobe: Pop Art Fashion

Primary colors (blue, yellow, and red) look fantastic when paired together.  Give your style an eclectic vibe by pairing the colors together, with an addition of white or black (adding any more colors will be overwhelming!).


pop art fashion
Where would you where this outfit to? 

Weekend Wardrobe: The Perfect Laid-Back All-Black Outfit

Black is my go-to color for pretty much every type of casual occasion.  While running errands, going to the gym, or getting coffee, I am always donning a pair of black jeans or yoga pants, and some type of black blouse or sweater.  Black is amazing for a multitude of reasons, most notably because it’s easy to mix and match from one color, and it always looks put together, classic, and chic.

As an added bonus, you can always throw on some funky heels in any color (or all colors!) with an all black ensemble, and it never fails to look stunning.  For inspiration, check out this fabulous outfit below.

Fashion lover
What are your favorite go-to outfits?

Sexy Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your significant other, or out for a ladies night, here are some of my favorite sexy outfit ideas.  Finally, another excuse to OD on ruffles, lace, and red… And, of course, go shopping.

lover skirt

Lover pencil skirt, $583

alice and olivia

Alice + Olivia, $700

kate spade

Kate Spade, $58


Akira, $24.90


Wolford, $48

What are you planning on wearing for Valentine’s Day?

Weekend Wardrobe: Sunshine Supernova

One of the hottest colors this spring is yellow.  Aptly fitting, there’s something about the bright color reminiscent of sunshine that lifts your spirits, while looking chic paired with black and white contrasting pieces.

Feeling Like Sunshine
Try a pop of yellow in your wardrobe, or combine it in subtle details throughout your ensemble for a stylish look.

How to Organize Your Closet (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

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Having to organize your closet can be a daunting task—especially if you, like us, have a penchant for collection lots of amazingly stylish items that you later have a hard time tossing. (Hey, trends come back around, right? Maybe you should be hanging on to those harem pants!)

As we find ourselves on the cusp of truly transitioning into fall (hello jackets and sweaters!), it’s the perfect time to take stock of your closet and find ways to organize your clothing and accessories with aplomb.

We recruited Rachel Wirkus, celebrity stylist extraordinaire and closet organization maven, to give us her top tips on how to organize a closet. (Wirkus also happens to be styling wiz behind all the amazing outfits in our 31 Days of Style feature—so you know she understands what it’s like to have a passion for fashion!)  Her advice on how to make the most…

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Guest Blogger: Kaki Read Talks Weekend Wardrobe Ideas

By Kaki Read, Fashion Coordinator at Warby Parker

Whether you are a fashion all-star who is looking for something a little different or you are simply a flower who is waiting to bloom, you need to know how to dress for every occasion.  Dressing is a way of signaling who you are to the people around you, and if you want to make a great impression and have a great time, pay some attention to the details.  Glasses and sunglasses can add flare and complete any look, no matter the occasion.  Even if you have your day-to-day outfits put together, you will find that it’s important to consider what you want to wear for special occasions and what accessories you can add to make your look even better!

Life is Magic

Art Show Fun

If you have been invited to an art show, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to go a little overboard. Art show crowds love things that are a little off the beaten path, so if you have any fascinating or exciting clothing, now is the time to wear it. For example, if you have a gorgeous red jacket, throw it on over an outfit in artistic black. A pair of stunning and attention grabbing frames such as the Sloan in rum cherry can really add a new level of depth to your look. The signature theory works here; match one outrageous piece with a whole set of neutrals to look fantastic. Art shows are also fantastic places for fun jewelry and for clunky impractical shoes.

Bez naslova #467

Museum Visits

If you are heading to the museum, be ready for a lot of walking and some seriously cold temperatures. This is a fantastic time to exercise your sensitive art student look. Choose a soft sweater and pair it with a short black skirt and some black leggings. Knee-high boots ensure that you’ll be able to look great even as you stay comfortable, and if you are a little worried about getting too cold, throw on a narrow scarf in soft mohair and add a pair of Sinclair frames in greystone to complete the look.

What Candace Wore Today.

County Fair

Of course, all of that refined clothing and taste goes right out of the window when you are heading to the county fair! For many people, the county fair is a place to cut loose and enjoy all of that lovely fried fair food, and when you are in a spot where the fair is coming to town, break out the denim! A cute denim skirt combined with well-fitted stretchy top is a great way to look good while keeping things feminine. For something a little extra sweet, throw on a pair of cowboy boots and add Tenley frames in burgundy fade for some down-home country action!

Taking photos
No matter where you’re spending the weekend, a pair of glasses add character and can make any outfit look put together.  How do you guys make glasses look chic?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Weekend Wardrobe: The Perfect Outfit to Fly In

Jetsetter: The Perfect Outfit to Fly

The winter is an ideal time to take a vacation, and be able to finally relax without having to blast the heat.  However, flying can sometimes be a headache with all the regulations.  Here is a compilation of the best items to fly in.  A pair of ankle boots can easily be zipped on or off when going through security, and a pair of loose-fitting trousers will ensure your comfort, while staying chic.  A scarf can be used as a blanket or pillow on the plane, and a large bag allows you to carry on a few much-needed items.  Bon voyage!

Weekend Wardrobe: Shopping Spree

Holiday Windows: What to Wear on Fifth Avenue
It’s mid-November, and we all know what that ensues: lots and lots of shopping.  Not only are the sales everywhere this time of year (hello, Black Friday!), the window displays are especially creative and interesting.  If you’re low on cash or perhaps you’re making homemade gifts this Christmas, taking a stroll down Fifth Avenue (or wherever your downtown may be) is a fun way to spend an afternoon scoping out and gathering inspiration from the window displays.  This outfit, curated by Bergdorf Goodman, is a stylish and warm choice to get some fresh air and enjoy the creativity around you.