February’s Most Coveted: Angel Wings

Romeo climbs into the garden of his beloved and tells Juliet ‘With love’s light wings did I o’erperch these walls, for stony limits cannot hold love out.’ 



Most females (and men) out there are in awe of the beauty of the Victoria’s Secret angels, as well as the creativity shown in each of their annual fashion shows.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2014

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014

Taking some fashion inspiration from them, along with the genius known as Sophia Webster, angel wings are a beautiful complement to the season’s ethereal mood.  From earrings to vests to heels, and from angel to butterfly to dragonfly wings, these romantic details add a subtle feminine touch to any outfit.

SOPHIA WEBSTER 'Evangeline' sandals, $560

SOPHIA WEBSTER ‘Evangeline’ sandals, $560


Roberto Cavalli 'Hera Wings' chain shoulder bag, $1,937.96 now $1,356.57

Roberto Cavalli ‘Hera Wings’ chain shoulder bag, $1,937.96 now $1,356.57


CristinaOrtiz 9-karat rose gold diamond large ear cuff, $9,500

CristinaOrtiz 9-karat rose gold diamond large ear cuff, $9,500


Etro Silk-embroidered cotton-twill vest, $2,610

Etro Silk-embroidered cotton-twill vest, $2,610


Garrard Yellow Gold & Black Diamonds Ailes Necklace, 15000 €

Garrard Yellow Gold & Black Diamonds Ailes Necklace, 15000 €


Honor Dragonfly wings-print silk skirt, $1,995 Now $598

Honor Dragonfly wings-print silk skirt, $1,995 Now $598


Elise Dray Rose Gold & Diamond Pavé Phalanx Wings Ring, $5,442.11

Elise Dray Rose Gold & Diamond Pavé Phalanx Wings Ring, $5,442.11

What do you think of the wing-inspired accessories and apparel?  Which are your favorite pieces?


What To Wear: The Only 15 Pieces You Need to Pack On Your Next Vacation

It seems as though everyone is always perpetually trying to get packing right.  No matter how many times I travel, I never seem to do it exactly perfect.  It’s either too much or too little.  Thanks to the lovely ladies at College Fashion, they found the perfect 15 items that are versatile enough to interchange for however long your vacation is.

Bonus: You’ll still have room left for shopping!

Trends & Tribulations

A few other tips for packing:

1. Pack in advance.  Add things to your suitcase as soon as you get your travel dates arranged.  This way, you won’t be frantically throwing unnecessary items in your luggage the night before in an attempt to get some sleep before your 4 AM flight…. (Yes, I have been there before, and far too often).

2. Make a checklist.  If you’re one of those people that know you will forget to pack socks for your hiking trip in Ecuador, make a checklist to remind yourself of those essentials.

3. Choose basics.  Although it may seem a bit boring to pack basics, it will save you space to shop for all those unique items you’ll find along your trip.  Plus, basics are easy to mix and match, thus creating a functional and minimalistic wardrobe.

4. Check the weather.  If the weather forecast shows highs in the mid-50’s throughout your trip, it probably won’t be necessary to pack those amazing new striped high-waisted shorts (even though you’re dying to wear ‘em).

The 15 Travel Essentials

The 15 Travel Essentials

Product Info (all under $100!): Trench Coat – H&M, Hooded Jacket – Blackfive, Chunky Sweater – Blackfive, Long Tee – Abercrombie & Fitch, Leggings – New Look, Jeans – Blackfive, Chambray Shirt – American Eagle,  Short Sleeve Blouse – H&M, Short Tee – Athleta, Dress – Abercrombie & Fitch, Sneakers – Adidas, Flats – ModCloth, Booties – ModCloth, Satchel – ModCloth, Infinity Scarf – Nordstrom

Here are a four sample outfits made from the above 15:

The Fabulous 4

The Fabulous 4

Do you have any other essentials to add to the list?


This Years Top Fashion Trend: The Pencil Skirt

One of the best fashion trends from this year was pencil skirts.  Although they are a classic staple in every woman’s wardrobe, in 2014 they became more daring than ever.  With extreme (and sometimes multiple) slits, as seen from Aquazurra, to varied hemlines to unique fabrics, especially see-through sheer.  Here are some of the top favorites below:

Pencil Skirts, #bestfashion2014 Trend
What was your favorite 2014 fashion trend?

Trend Report: Winter White

Whether there’s snow on the ground or not, white is everywhere in fashion this season.  Wear it in an oversized, fuzzy wool sweater, on your feet or bag, or in fur (faux or real, we won’t tell!).  It looks great in an all-white ensemble, especially with metallic elements and white gold jewelry.



How do you like to wear white in your outfit?

The Easiest Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume

It’s almost the time of Halloween parties, and you realize you’ve forgotten to pull anything together or stop by your nearest costume shop.  Don’t fret- try this easy Harry Potter DIY costume using pieces you most likely already own.

What to wear:

  • White button-up
  • Tie
  • Glasses
  • Black skirt
  • Black socks or tights
  • Black heels
  • Wand (this one is questionable…)
DIY Halloween
Are you dressing up this Halloween?  If so, share or post a picture of your costume in the comments below!

Read This Before You Pack for Your Winter Vacation

The Perfect Swimwear for Your Vacation Destination

trends and tribulations

If you’ve planned a fall or winter vacation to somewhere warm, you’ve probably already thought about what you’re going to take with you. With the summer coming to an end, what are your options for finding a vacation-ready swimsuit (not to mention cover-up) that will look great and fit into the local vibe? Believe it or not, your options are not as limited as you might think.

When it comes to finding swimwear at the end of the summer, your best bet could be the Internet. Why?  Because as stores are phasing out summer inventory to make way for fall and winter clothing and accessories, their Internet sites are not, because it doesn’t take up any precious floor space to offer swim apparel all year long on a website!

trends & tribulations

Keep in mind that online shopping, with all of its conveniences, does have one main drawback: shipping. Shipping may cost a few extra dollars (not always), but mainly, it takes time. So if you have less than a month before your departure, don’t wait another day to start perusing websites and ordering suits that you like.

Remember, you can always return what doesn’t work. Save the packaging and online receipt and you will have no trouble returning for full credit what doesn’t “suit” you!

trends & tribulations

If you do want to shop for swimsuits in person, your best option as the summer winds down is larger, national department stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom, Saks, Barneys New York, etc. These stores have so much retail space that they can afford to have some “resort wear” or seasonal items like swim suits all year long. You will be far less likely to find out-of-season items at smaller stores and boutiques, which must devote their space to what is in season and sought after by the majority of their customers.

So now that you know where to look, what do you wear poolside in different destinations?  Again, your go-to source is the Internet. Find out what’s hot by searching online: magazines published in those countries or regions where you will be traveling are great sources of trendy looks.

Here are a few ideas to get you going:

· Miami:

Agent Provocateur Tricja Bikini, Top, $490, Bottoms, $500

Agent Provocateur Tricja Bikini, Top, $490, Bottoms, $500

As most people know, more is more (is more) in Miami when it comes to bling. Rhinestones, animal prints, jeweled looks and lots of straps and ties are what’s hot.

· Brazil:

Emamò Printed triangle bikini, $340

Emamò Printed triangle bikini, $340

They’re called “Brazilian waxes” for a reason. Swimwear in Rio and other hot spots in the southern hemisphere are skimpy, as Brazilians believe in flaunting it if you’ve got it.  Basically, the swimsuits in Brazil make what women are wearing in the United States look like giant diapers.  However, contrary to some rumors, Brazilian women do not go topless on the beach.  If you want to fit in with what the locals are wearing, leave very little to the imagination…and don’t forget your waxing appointment before you go.

Another tip: If you want to blend in at the beaches, don’t bring a towel.  Brazilian women bring sarongs, or “cangas” to lay out on, and the men rent chairs to sit on in the sunshine.  And if you really want to fit in, a pair of havaianas should do the trick.

· Las Vegas:

Agent Provocateur, Bottoms $170, Top, $220

Agent Provocateur, Bottoms $170, Top, $220

Notorious for its lavish day clubs where the party starts shortly after the sun comes up (and continues as long as you want), the swimwear styles in Vegas are chic and sleek, while also eye-catching and swanky.  This sizzling two-piece (above) by Agent Provocateur complements tanned skin, and commands attention.

· Australia:

Clover Canyon Pool Flower Front-Zip Top, $66, & Swim Bottom, $66

Clover Canyon
Pool Flower Front-Zip Top, $66, & Swim Bottom, $66

The land down under fairly closely follows American fashion, give or take a few details.  Right now, the hot look in Australia is the high-waisted bikini bottom, just like in the United States. In fact, big bows, polka dots and plenty of material won’t make you look dowdy, but it will make you look like you’re on the cutting edge of fashion.

· Southern California:

Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Crop Rashguard, $28

Victoria’s Secret Beach Sexy Crop Rashguard, $28

Like most things in California, anything goes. Grab a pair of swim shorts (also called board shorts), a rash guard and a pair of flip-flops and fit right in! Or throw on a strappy bikini or polkadot, high-waisted 50s throwback and you’re all set.

trends & tribulations

Don’t forget the most important rule when it comes to picking out a swimsuit: how you feel when wearing it. The last thing you want to be doing is fidgeting or feeling self-conscious. Buy what you feel good in and you will look great and have fun!

About our guest author, Patricia:

 Patricia Hogenes is a full time mom who spends time taking her youngest child to his activities or helping him with homework. In her free time, she enjoys writing articles for PoolProducts.com and particularly likes researching new topics.

trends & tribulations

Bon Voyage!

Weekend Wardrobe: The Ultimate Stylish Travel Packing List

Travel on My Mind


Traveling and fashion go hand in hand, so why is it so difficult for even the most experienced world travelers to find the perfect traveling outfit and accessories?  Throughout my experiences (good, bad, and forgetful), I’ve found the perfect essentials and tips to make traveling in style that much easier.  Enjoy!


White + Warren Classic Cashmere Two Way Topper, $275

White + Warren Classic Cashmere Two Way Topper, $275

Absolutely perfect to throw on for the chilly plane air.


Eddie Harrop The Voyager studded textured-leather weekend bag, $1,205

Eddie Harrop The Voyager studded textured-leather weekend bag, $1,205

This black leather weekend bag is perfect to carry-on your essentials, as well as a change of clothes in case you are going far.  Sometimes changing into a new outfit over your layover can feel like the next best thing to a shower.


Diane Von Furstenberg Silk Jersey Maxi Wrap Dress, $575

Diane Von Furstenberg Silk Jersey Maxi Wrap Dress, $575

Any one of DVF’s wrap dresses are ideal for traveling, as they are comfortable and easy to throw on.  I love the maxi dresses, as you can hide a pair of tights underneath (in case you are always freezing like myself), as well as throw on a pair of flats underneath and for all anyone will be able to tell, you could be rocking sky high stilettos.  As a bonus, wrap dresses are versatile enough to look great over a swimsuit on your way to the pool or beach, as well as for the day and night.


Stella McCartney Cat's-Eye Sunglasses, $300

Stella McCartney Cat’s-Eye Sunglasses, $300

These bring me back to a time when travel was absolutely glamorous…not just LuluLemon and a pair of birks on the plane.


CHI Home Chi Tourmaline Ceramic 3 Piece Travel Set, $99The perfect travel-size hair tools so that you can leave more room in your suitcase for that extra pair of statement heels.  Plus, no matter if your staying at the Ritz or Holiday Inn, hotels never seem to have a decent blow-dryer.


Nicholas Kirkwood Textured-leather point-toe flats, $395

Nicholas Kirkwood Textured-leather point-toe flats, $395

Chic enough to spruce up an outfit, and comfortable (and easy) enough to slip on and off at security.


Sophie Hulme Twin Keyhole leather clutch, $445

Sophie Hulme Twin Keyhole leather clutch, $445

A small clutch with detachable straps is perfect for traveling, as you can use ‘em as cross body bags for sightseeing (so much easier than toting around a handbag), and as a clutch for a night out.

What are your travel essentials?  

Weekend Wardrobe: Pop Art Fashion

Primary colors (blue, yellow, and red) look fantastic when paired together.  Give your style an eclectic vibe by pairing the colors together, with an addition of white or black (adding any more colors will be overwhelming!).


pop art fashion
Where would you where this outfit to? 

Weekend Wardrobe: The Perfect Laid-Back All-Black Outfit

Black is my go-to color for pretty much every type of casual occasion.  While running errands, going to the gym, or getting coffee, I am always donning a pair of black jeans or yoga pants, and some type of black blouse or sweater.  Black is amazing for a multitude of reasons, most notably because it’s easy to mix and match from one color, and it always looks put together, classic, and chic.

As an added bonus, you can always throw on some funky heels in any color (or all colors!) with an all black ensemble, and it never fails to look stunning.  For inspiration, check out this fabulous outfit below.

Fashion lover
What are your favorite go-to outfits?

Sexy Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your significant other, or out for a ladies night, here are some of my favorite sexy outfit ideas.  Finally, another excuse to OD on ruffles, lace, and red… And, of course, go shopping.

lover skirt

Lover pencil skirt, $583

alice and olivia

Alice + Olivia, $700

kate spade

Kate Spade, $58


Akira, $24.90


Wolford, $48

What are you planning on wearing for Valentine’s Day?